I Am Baker

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I have had a heck of a last 24 hours.


Chad has been out of town.

I have been so swollen I cant get my socks on.

Last night I decided to cheat and get Chinese food for dinner, and stopped at a local place.

After dinner, for some reason, I gave Audrey 2 probiotics. (she loves them and would eat twenty if I'd let her!)

Well, around 1:00am my little cuddler Parker crawled into bed with me.  I was happy to have him there!

At least, I thought I was.

Around 1:30 I heard a weird gurgling sound and realized Parker was about the throw up.  On me.  In my bed.

*ugly details not inserted here*

Jump to 30 minutes later, my bed is stripped and Parker is freshly washed and dressed and in his own bed with towels under him.

And what happens?  Colton sprints to the bathroom and vomits everywhere.

And the cycle began.  Once I got one child cleaned up and back in bed the other would start in again.  We went through that beast of a schedule until 4:30am.

Then, thankfully, the boys slept until 7:00.  They have been laying in bed all day with low fevers… I feel so bad for them.  (and am wondering if we didnt get some food poisoning!  who the heck do I notify about that???)

Oddly, Audrey never got sick!  I have a strong feeling that my favorite 60 billion CFU's probiotics played a big part in her wellness.

Anyway, I shared all that with you for a reason. 

Today Audrey and I had some girl time, and I took about 300 pictures of her.  Give or take.

She was a dream!


And certainly doesnt look like my baby anymore.



In spite of it all, I think today was a good day! :)



  1. Shannon says

    All in a day’s work!! And once again your spirit finds a beautiful silver lining to your morning!! Hope everyonce is feeling much better :)

  2. says

    Oh. My. Word. Things a pregnant mama should NOT have to deal with, but all too often, we do. So sorry about the icky bed. I hope the boys are doing better and daddy is on his way home.
    You’re so right. She has started to get that little girl look. I still see a little baby around the edges though. :) Those pictures are gorgeous.
    I hope your socks are going on better. I can’t imagine a MN winter without them.

  3. Mary C. says

    I had chinese food once and was sick within hours! The only good thing about it being food poisoning for your children is that maybe it’s over and not the flu!!! I feel for you having to handle that on your own :(
    Your pictures of Audrey are amazing — and no she isn’t your baby anymore :)
    Hope today is better for all!!

  4. says

    I am really sorry that your kiddos are sick, and I hope it wasn’t food poison. But Audrey. Yeah, she is just too cute!. Too bad she isn’t a baby anymore, you’ll just have to get another one. Oh. Wait….

  5. Amy K says

    Oh Amanda, that sounds like an awful night…so sorry!
    But, those pics of Audrey are gorgeous. She certainly does look grown up.
    Hopefully everyone’s feeling better now.

  6. says

    I’m truly inspired and influenced on the way you take things that happen in your life. You always see the good part of everything. Your daughter is so pretty by the way. You know what, I’m even thinking of having another child in addition to my two beautiful kids because of you. More power!

  7. Alyssa says

    I LOVE that last one where her eyes are blue and the rest of the color is toned down! I really need to learn my photoshop better! Also, I found your rainbow pancakes on a blog I follow referencing another blog referencing your blog. So proud to know you! :) Have a great day!

  8. Amy says

    Hope the boys are better!
    Your daughter is beautiful and getting to be a big girl! The pictures you took of her are wonderful!

  9. tammy says

    Oh my goodness Amanda what on earth happened to that little baby angel of yours. Seriously, she looks so grown up. Okay, sorry, you probably dont want to hear that. I love the photo’s you took. Aubrey is one beautiful little girl. It’s a good thing she’s got a couple brothers to watch over her. Because come another 10-15 years she’s gonna need them. Sorry to hear about the whole sicky thing with the kids. Hope everyone is back to being healthy again.

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