Things Successful Bloggers Do That I Do Not Do

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Are you ready for Installment #4?

Cause this one is going to blow your socks
off. (I totally just snorted out loud writing that, not sure why)

Here goes.

Things Successful Bloggers Do That I Do NOT Do

#4 Have lots of Readers.

Ha!  Because it seems to me, in this
tiny little blogging world, that your value is based on the amount of
people that come to your blog.  Your traffic.  Your rating. 
Your stats.

I have a couple things to say about this.

1. Blogging is Relationships
2. Who Do You Blog For

So you may follow lots of blogs.  I follow lots of blogs.  But one
thing I try to limit myself in is following blogs that dont follow back. 

But what I mean by that is, like, lets take
Pioneer Woman for example.  She may do an emotional and sentimental post
about losing a pet and how her kids handled it.  And say I just lost a pet
so I leave a long comment pouring out my heart and telling her about this new
loss in my life and how its affected my family.

No one ever reads it.

To me… it doesn't make a lot of sense
pouring too much time into that relationship, because well, its not a
relationship.  I feel like its more along the lines of me just being a follower

And have you ever noticed how really big
blogs don't have a blogroll?  Do the big bloggers even read other
blogs?  They might. 

But they dont have to. 

I like visiting others blogs.  I
like that when I leave a comment for a friend that 99% of the time I either

  • get a comment back on
    my blog
  • get a reply
  • get the satisfaction of knowing I brighten my friends day

I like that we are getting to know each


When I went to the mckpicnic I met a couple
ladies who I thought we so neat!  So I started reading their blogs and
commenting in every post and before I knew it, I realized that they had not
visited my blog or replied to a single comment.  So for me to continue
following their blog just felt…

…awkward.  So I stopped. 


Who do you blog for.  Mostly I blog for
me and my family.  But mostly me.  I am a Christian Stay at Home mom
who likes to bake and take pictures and attempt homeschooling and crafts. 

in terms of 'what sells' these days… I could not be farther from
it.   If you look at the big blog contests and the
 Forbes List of Top 25 Blogs it is tech blogs or gossip blogs or giveaway
blogs.  Those bloggers offer their readers something I am not willing to

Quality content.

No, I'm just kidding.  Just wanted to
see if your still here.

My whole point is, I would love to turn on
my computer one day and have 500 comments on my little ole blog.  It would
be validating.  It would feel good to think that 500 people took the time
to talk to me.

But am I going to change what I write
about?  Probably not.  Am I going to stop going to other blogs and
creating friendships and investing time into them?  Heck no.

Does that mean I will remain (by my own
definition) unsuccessful?  Who knows.

Now I must go spend some time with my
kids.  I might even post a picture or two about it later. 

Who am I kidding.  You know I am going
to post a picture of my kids later.  Its what I do.




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  1. says

    Wow! Could this post be your ticket in? :-) That’s a hefty load of comments.
    I’ve been dealing with the blog issue for awhile now and finally feel as though I don’t care about the number of comments and what people think. Don’t get me wrong. I love to hear from others and their comments mean so much, but I figure if I am writing from my life and glorifying God with my words, it’s not all about the feedback I receive. Tough balance, though!

  2. says

    Good for you. I can promise you I have tried it all as far as trying to be a successful blogger, but I always come back to the place where I know deep in my heart that yes, recognition and tons of readers would be fantastic, but that’s not why I blog. It’s just not.
    I found you through Nathan’s Fight and I am so glad I did. I’ll be reading along from now on!

  3. says

    OK – everyone else has already said it, but I agree too!
    It is not about the numbers of the “status” of the commentors, but I confess I did get a slight thrill when once someone I consider “mega” blogger commented! (Not that it has happened more than once!)
    I LOVE the friendships and relationships I have built up through my blog – a totally unexpected bonus of this blogging journey I have never even anticipated.
    PS I LOVE it when you visit my blog, but you do make me blush with your compliments! – I need to learn to accept them better.

  4. says

    I have to say that 53 comments to me indicates a “successful” blog. I also suppose that the definition of successful will vary from blogger to blogger.
    The goal of my blog is not to build relationships with other bloggers (although I love it when I have that opportunity). My is to offer practical help to others. I used to get so many questions on a regular basis, I figured I would write out my answers and that ultimately it would save me time. With homeschooling and running a household of 12, being hospitable and organizing a mother’s support group, I don’t have much time to read or comment on other blogs. I try to fit it in when I can but it is sadly sporadic.
    So for me success is not a huge readership it is to offer help and encouragement to those who do spend the time to read.
    Again, thanks for your perspective and I wish that I had time to make more blogging friends and really admire those who are better at it than I.

  5. Liz says

    I blog for myself. My family doesn’t even know my blog. I have two readers; my husband and a friend of mine. Frankly, from what I’ve witnessed recently, I’m not sure I want to pay the price for having a popular blog. I couldn’t keep up anyway.
    You are humorous, talented, and creative and I enjoy reading your blog.

  6. says

    Hello there.. I’m coming over from Nathan’s fight. I have to agree with you on this post. Social networking has gotten to be about how many followers you’ve gotten whether it’s on a blog, facebook or twitter. I’ve started following more people than I can ever get to these days but I only follow those that truly held an interest for me at one time or another.
    I really enjoyed reading your blog.

  7. says

    This was hillarious!! Sometimes I feel like a blog loser b/c I don’t have any “followers”….but really who then am I writing for? I write so that hopefully some day my kiddos have something that shows where my heart was…maybe they will find God in the pages and be drawn to Him too…but I agree…I want to develop relationship with others who desire the same. When it is one sided it just isn’t much fun!
    By the way your colorful layer cake was AMAZING. How did you do it?
    Blessings to you!

  8. Shannon says

    I agree! I don’t really know how to respond to comments but I do try to read other people’s blogs and leave comments. Because I love them!
    Since I haven’t been by in a while – I wanted to tell you a couple of things: I LOVE the cake you made for MckMama’s get together! And the playdough thing… I have NEVER made it for my kids. So you are not the slowest snail on the sidewalk :) I should make it because my daughter eats it whenever she gets the chance, so I have stopped buying it. Making my own would be the perfect solution… Maybe tomorrow…

  9. Shannon says

    Oh I also wanted to tell you – I tried the first workout of the 30-Day shred. Hated it and almost died. But I will do it again. In a week or so when my chest arms torso and legs stop crying out every time I think about moving. Ugh.

  10. Gigi says

    I’m just starting out in the blogging world and already it feels hopeless. I think to myself about what would “appeal” to readers to write sometimes and then decide it’s just not worth it to change what -I- want to write about to get readers. If a few someones want to read what I want to write I feel more validated than if 1,000 someone would want to read what I don’t want to write about. Great post! :)

  11. says

    Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest! I sign up to follow a new blog…I add it to my blogroll if I want to read it daily…I have made some great friends! If it loses my attention I delete it from my blogroll.

  12. says

    Hi, just stopped by from SITS. Happy Sharefest Saturday! I’ve only just recently gotten into blogging and I agree, there are certain things that I just can’t give people: free stuff, dirt on famous people, and technical information. What’s a girl to do? Well, just keep on writing what’s in her heart, following blogs and keeping up with the (few) comments that come her way. I hope you do the same!

  13. says

    oops. typo. bad typo. that’s supposed to read “..take suck a rockin picture..”. I guess that’s one of the hazards of commenting while parenting.

  14. Cat says

    Interesting series of posts.
    I know I have a few readers that don’t comment, but I don’t need comments. I blog because I can get my thoughts down and maybe help someone else along the way. It’s not that I don’t do it for others at all, or that I’m not pleased when I read comments, I just feel that the moment you base what you do on the actions of other people, you’ll get disappointed time and again. So another blogger got an opportunity you didn’t? Instead of being hurt and upset, I never had it to begin with anyway. Do what you feel you should do for yourself, as long as it’s the right choice, and never base it off someone else’s choice.

  15. says

    Excellent post Amanda (I’m reading back through some of your old post randomly, as I’ve mentioned before in other comments, I just found your blog a few weeks ago or so via Tasty Kitchen).
    I totally agree with your sentiments here, I am not looking for a thousand followers, etc. I just write about what’s going on in my life, to put it all into context for, to mark the moments that make up life as they occur. If people want to read then great. And as far as comments, I value them, but truly I want them from people who have read a bit and are invested in what I’m saying – whether they know me in real life or not! If wanted a million people I don’t know to comment I could do a giveaway. I write on my blog because I want to and want to hear from people who are interested in what I’m writing about.
    So glad I stumbled across your blog. And thanks for following me!

  16. Karin Katherine says

    Everyone says they blog for themselves, but there come a moment when you feel like, “is anyone even reading this?” Or depressed when you go to another blog you like and there are 50+ comments you have to scroll past to leave your own and you are lucky if you get 5 on your own blog. It’s hard.
    I don’t know how some blogs BLOW UP–I mean they blog less than a year and have 500 followers. I’m going on my 2nd year and I’m pretty psyched I finally got 100 followers! LOL
    Its hard to figure out this blogging thing. I’m hoping to improve my writing. And punctuation. LOL
    I’m going to Blissdom ’10 and I hope I live to blog about it. I’m super intimidated, but curious.

  17. says

    This post made me really like you. :)
    I couldn’t even agree more, in fact I just wrote a similar post, which, I believe is the post that you stopped by and read on my blog the other day.
    I get so confused why people dump out these long comments on blogs with hundreds of comments on them, it’s so impersonal to be giving people you don’t know, and who probably don’t have time to care (although maybe they do and I’m totally wrong) personal information.
    Just sayin…

  18. says

    I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! I am reading through, Things Successful Bloggers Do That I Do Not Do, and I am totally relating. I think I have become caught up in wanting comments because I feel as though nobody reads what I write. But at the end of the day, I am not really writing for anyone but ME. I tend to over think this whole process. However, I have to laugh, because you seem pretty successful to me.
    I don’t plan on ever trying to compete with the big-time…it’s just not me. (though, tell that to the competitive perfectionist living inside of me – this drives her crazy)
    I am glad I wound up here, though I can’t for the life of me remember how (mommy-brain, old age, ugh), your blog is very down-to-earth and those are the best ones in my opinion.
    Happy Blogging!

  19. says

    Hi I Am Baker!

    I’m delighting in your current theme of posts – because I just started my own blog too and it’s good encouragement, as well as things to think about with my own blog. For instance – your #10 Blog post on this string of posts about taking the good with the bad – is encouraging for me too because becoming infamous has it’s price. While I think about having lots and lots of readers – part of that scares me, and I’m really not sure I could take it! I’m gonna keep going either way :) Whether I end up with any readers, or none – I am doing it for me :)

    Amazing huh, that you wrote this blog – and that within six months (not even) you would have 1,000’s of readers!

  20. says

    Hi Amanda!
    Just wanted to drop a comment and tell you that I read your post. I find myself reading more blogs than EVER before even within the past month. Lately I’ve been paying close attention to what I stumble across on the internet. Whether it be a general website or someone’s blog. And the reason for this is because IF I find the content is worthy of reading, I will let them know. It’s always nice to know your content has been read. Sometimes we pour our hearts out and reveal more than we intend and it’s always a good feeling knowing someone out there understands and/or has been there too.

    One thing I do not do, is comment just to comment. That’s a waste of time. I’ve seen that on other blog posts and even on mine where only a simple “Thank you” is all I can respond back to a general comment of “your photos are pretty.” It makes me question if they even took the time out to read the material. So here is yours. I think your blog is fabulous and I am happy to have discovered yours (recently). PS: I also want you to know, what engages me other than your cakes, is your honesty. Just thought you should know.