Things You Should Know Before Writing a Cookbook

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Here are a few things I have discovered about writing a book.


  • It would be wise to know how to express myself using actual words and not just winking smiley faces. ūüėČ
  • It is simply not ok to describe every single cake as delicious. ¬†Apparently there are other words that I can use to describe how cakes tastes.
  • Writing, photographing, baking for, and developing recipes for a cookbook is only wise if you have a long period of time to do it. ¬†Say, two years. ¬†Giving yourself a three month deadline is DUMBCRAZYSTUPIDINSANEIDIOTIC.
  • Make sure you know a LOT of people who are willing to eat your food. ¬†Having large amounts of cake and frosting sitting in your house is not good. ¬†Very very not good.
  • It is recommended that when writing recipes you be clear and present a¬†concise¬†picture to a reader. ¬†Talking about how my five year old¬†learned¬†how to do handstands by falling out of his bed might not be the best approach in a layer cake tutorial.


Overall the process has been exhausting, informative, and most of all, fun.  Did I mention how thankful I am to be here right now?

I am.

Super thankful. :)

Do you have any questions about my process so far? ¬†Any detail you are dying to know? ¬†I’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

Note: Some questions I cannot answer due to contractual obligations, but thats mostly boring stuff anyway!

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  1. says

    My favorite cookbooks in my cupboard are the ones that have other personal anecdotes added. One was about two childhood friends who moved states apart and their letters back and forth throughout their lives were in the pages, and in the end they get together and open a restaurant together and all “their” recipes are in the book. It was great! So put those notes about your family and experiences in there, it will make it stand out!! You have a gift for expressing yourself, I know it would be awesome! :)

  2. Anna Grace says

    amanda, i cant wait for the cookbook to come out!!! i love your decorating and inspiration. good luck, and God bless!!!

  3. says

    I think all the smiley faces say so much more than words sometimes. Instead of star ratings, it would be rated by smiles! Congratulations on the book. It will be wonderful and delicious!

  4. says

    So proud of you and all you have accomplished! I can’t wait to read the book and drool over the photos and be inspired (for the zillionth time) by you to bake! And a three month deadline?? You are more than my hero…whatever word is above hero that is what you are…so superhero! You can tell your little one who can do a handstand out of bed that you are a superhero:)

  5. LaVonne says

    I am amazed that you are writing a cookbook..what a huge undertaking! I will be sure to buy it as soon as it hits the shelf!

  6. says

    Hi Amanda,
    Love the blog, love your pics and would totally indulge in one of your cakes!
    I am actually in the process of writing a cookbook/self help (by in the process I mean just starting choosing recipes and pinning some notes). I was curious how you got the ball rolling…whom did you approach, did you submit just a plan or a pretty much completed manuscript, do you know any famous people that helped plug your book or idea, etc.

    Feel free to email me personally! I’ve talked to a number of people about how they got their cookbook published – at this point I’m on a fact finding mission.

    Can’t wait for your cookbook!