To Crumb or Not to Crumb

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So I have struggling with a very important and life changing issue.

I literally ask myself the same question every time I make a cake.

Should I clean up crumbs on the cake stand or leave it as is?

I completely understand if you just rolled your eyes at me.  

Now.  Please forgive this strange as heck picture.  As much as I would love to reveal what is under those mysterious red blobs.. I gotta save it for the book!

So just pretend its little red blobs of joy.

Bet ya didnt think you’d be reading that sentence today.

Ok!  Back to the question at hand.  What do you like better?

Cake with frosting and crumbs?


Or clean cake stand.

This is life and death stuff here.

Er… not.

But I’d love to know which option you favor!





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  1. Ursula :-) says

    I think it look more delicious with the crumbs if you ask me. Adds characters! I would even add some crumbs under the stand and maybe leaving a little trail away from the picture. Kind of mysterious if you ask me LOL

    Good luck!

  2. Regan says

    I was surprised by my gut reaction, but I like it better clean! Actually I think I might start wiping my stand in between cake-binging fests. :)

  3. Hannah says

    Totally without crumbs. It make it look cleaner and thus, one would look at the cake, rather than at the red crumbs :)

  4. Missy W says

    I say clean, especially for photos. If it’s just for the house, leave them there. Adds character and seriously, what household with four children doesn’t have crumbs on the cake plate?! :)

  5. Valerie says

    Leave the crumbs! It seems more realistic (and less like Pac-Man! lol) to leave the crumbs on the stand. A clean cake stand appears very staged to me. :-)

  6. Mindy G. says

    I like it with the crumbs. I think it looks weird and staged the other way. (Only because I am focusing on it, probably. Most likely I wouldn’t notice any other time.)

  7. says

    It sure looks purdy clean – but I’d probably leave ’em or get dish detergent on the tray as I anally clean just the part with the crumbs.

    Girl, I’ve bog to check up with all you’ve got going on. I’ve barely been blogging since I started school and need to find some focus. I miss everybody; I was tickled to see your comment.

  8. Sandra says

    I would have said, it’s fine the way it is….until I saw the pic of the cleaned cake stand….it’s much nicer!
    But, why not just eat all the cake at once….then you wouldn’t have to worry about it!!

  9. Heather says

    I like it with the crumbs. They make it look more scrumptious somehow. And the clean off one looks a little like pac-man.

  10. Lisa says

    Had to add my thoughts because of the close competition here. I think, for a “professional” book, you’d want the clean cake plate. I initially though I’d be into the natural cake plate with crumbs but that looks messy!

  11. somecallmeambingale says

    I LOVE the crumbs, even for a book. I think the crumbs indicate that it isn’t just a pretty cake to look at, but also a yummy cake that is being enjoyed… and frankly, the crumby cake plate looks more appetizing to me.

  12. Jillian says

    Crumbs. In fact, my favorite photos of ANY baked good are ones with slight imperfections. There’s just something about that that screams homemade to me.

  13. says

    It does look more “realistic” with the crumbs, more home-made…but without the crumbs, it looks a lot neat and cleaner… so I guess it depends on which vibe you are going for :)