To Crumb or Not to Crumb

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So I have struggling with a very important and life changing issue.

I literally ask myself the same question every time I make a cake.

Should I clean up crumbs on the cake stand or leave it as is?

I completely understand if you just rolled your eyes at me.  

Now.  Please forgive this strange as heck picture.  As much as I would love to reveal what is under those mysterious red blobs.. I gotta save it for the book!

So just pretend its little red blobs of joy.

Bet ya didnt think you’d be reading that sentence today.

Ok!  Back to the question at hand.  What do you like better?

Cake with frosting and crumbs?


Or clean cake stand.

This is life and death stuff here.

Er… not.

But I’d love to know which option you favor!





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  1. says

    I think I’m gonna have to say crumbs. It does look more appealing. Without the crumbs, makes you wonder how in the heck that piece got out of there without making a mess…or wonder who in the heck took the time to clean up after every piece was taken out. 😉

  2. says

    I am taking the cheater’s way out..I just can’t decide. 😉 Maybe it depend on the cake and the look you are going for? But your cakes are always so pretty no matter the look. My initial response was crumbs. But the wiped version looks good too. And perhaps it would even depend on if your cake plate were clear or a solid?! Gah I’m no help. ♥

  3. Diamond says

    I prefer to see crumbs as well. Not enough that it looks like the cake falls apart, but mostly the frosting that says there was a piece there.

  4. Heather Miller says

    I like the crumbs. I don’t know why, but it just makes it look more real and so tasty! Like you know someone else just enjoyed an incredible piece of cake, so you want one too!

  5. says

    I think it depends on your “props” you may be using in the picture. In all honesty I think some situations the crumbs are good and some require the clean plate. That totally didn’t hep you any did it?

  6. Michelle Dodge says

    Cake stand clean or not: doesn’t matter. When you’re decorating the cake, though, you MUST start with a clean cake!

  7. jen says

    For this particular cake I like it without the crumbs/icing. It the cake plate were opaque I might choose the keep them there. Also, I like the look of crumbs/icing if a cake or dessert is particularly gooey or rich (most fruit pies, warm chocolate filled desserts, cream filled desserts, etc.).

  8. says

    I say crumbs. Even in a professional book. You want your cake to look like someonbe would enjoy eating it not like it was made out of cardboard. There are enough “sterile” cakes in the world, your cake should have just as much chracter as you do so my vote is for crumbsm

  9. kiley says

    clean! it looks more precious and dainty. the crumbs are distracting.. so if your caption is “tastes delicious” or “couldn’t wait to try a bite before taking the pic” then leave the crumbs.. but if you are showcasing the cake “vertical layers!” or “frosting roses are easy to make” then i’d say wipe it down

  10. says

    I’d go with the crumbs too makes it more mouthwatering. The pic without crumbs looks a little too sterile…but either way I am VERY curious about what the red blobs are hiding…