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    CUTE! I had an incident with my oldest son and petr. jelly many years ago. also have a photo, he was so proud of himself! He’s now 15 and I miss those days. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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    OOOOOH, petroleum jelly! I’ll never forget the day my oldest two, then just over 1 and just over 2 at the time, took a jar of vaseline off the table and proceeded to “lube” each other up. *good times*
    I think your kids look so much like Chad…lol. They’re adorable.

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    Cute kids :) LOL at the pet. jelly. One time our dogs got a hold of a thing of vasoline…boy did they have the poops after that. Not a fond memory. Thankfully my kids never got into it though. My list today: clean kitchen (check), laundry, WORKOUT, clean the living room, be mom taxi, make dinner (check, its in the fridge for later), laugh at the kids, pull my hair out because of the kids (happens daily unfortunately lol)… just to name a few things.

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    I’m so very glad some of us know the joy of being with our babies. Even if it does mean the occasional petroleum jelly incident! Thank goodness it wasn’t Vicks!
    My brother did that when he was littlen. Left a perfect oily hand print on the bathroom door. Dad said he was so mad at the time…but when they renovated he had them cut out that piece and he saved it…

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    My list is long … extra long today! I am trying to finish all the big 2nd birthday bash for Sunday today so that I can go a little Mom’s Retreat Fri & Sat. I’ve got chicken wild rice soup to make (enough for like 40 people), the cake & frosting (will decorate Sun am), dinner rolls (lots! Yikes!), and all the packing that goes a long with being gone for 2 days with 2 little people. :) It will be a full day for sure … off to pick some chicken of the bones. :) Have a great day Amanda!

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    Oh, my word. I’ve had my share of stuff, but vasoline has not been one of them. Bless your heart! Hopefully this will be a prenesting kind of experience for you. For me nesting is the only time I want to clean. :)
    Thanks for sharing photo’s of your sweeties. They are getting so big!

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    They are so cute. Your oldest is going to be a handsome little man…he looks like he is on the verge of little boy heading straight for big boy. Hope you get everything done today!

  8. Lisa says

    You never cease to amaze me. How you do what you do with those little ones around…you have the time management of a patron saint!!

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    Today I will use your butercream recipe from your other blog on the sprinkles and strawberries cake Monk and I are making!!! Thank you for such an amazing site to visit and get ideas from!

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    They are beautiful!!! As my little girl has been taught to say (to her dad only)your boys are “Sho anshom” (So handsome!) and the lil angel, aww!! petroleum jelly spreader or not, she has the most beautiful expressions!

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    Your kids are dolls. I want to hug them and feed them lots of cookies and ice cream.
    Then I want to hug YOU and feed YOU lots of cookies and ice cream. And talk. And hug again. Sigh…maybe some day.
    Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend, chickie. xoxo

  12. Shirley says

    How did you know I wanted cake?!
    Also, my older brothers (twins) got into petroleum jelly when they were toddlers, only they topped it off with a nice dusting of baby powder!

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