Valentines Crossword Cookies & Cake Gift Box

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Are you looking for a fun, unique, and very personalized gift for your loved one this Valentines Day?

I think I have something that just might give your special someone a good idea of just how deeply you love them.


How about a personalized crossword puzzle written on a  cookie nestling inside a delicious chocolate cake "box"?

I had seen bakerella do a Valentines Heart box a couple years ago and been dying to try something like it ever since!!

I started out with the idea of doing a personalized crosswords puzzle.  I went to this site to help me get all the info. plugged in, then I made a rough sketch of how I wanted it to look on the cookie.


And then, because I know how very easy it is to make a mistake on a cookie and be heartbroken for days and days and maybe even shed a few tears in the process, I decided to do these on fondant.

That way if I made a mistake I could easily start over without have to bake and frost and new cookie!

(when done, just add some frosting or icing to the cookie and place the fondant on top)


Two things:

This looks really boring to me.

Who wants to eat cookies covered in fondant?

So! It was then pretty obvious that I needed to make the cake "box" for the cookies to be presented in.

I also wanted to make the crossword puzzle more fitting for the theme of Valentines Day.


So!  Color in 27 million squares with red and pink glaze frosting? Check.


Create a box made out of chocolate pound cake (for stability) covered in red fondant? Check.

Wait impatiently for loved one to come home so you can tear into this sucker? Absolutely.

For writing you can either place some royal icing or glaze icing into a piping bag (or plastic baggie, some bakers swear by this method I promise!) and instruct the recipient to cut off the smallest tip to begin writing.  Or you can provide them with a pen that writes with edible ink, easily available at your local grocery store!

Of course, you can make the puzzle as tame or as wild as you would like. đŸ˜‰

Just be sure to give it to someone you love!


For those that requested to see that this was in fact, a cake, here is a picture from today.


And yes, it was good! :)

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  1. Sexy Vegan Mama/The Gonzo Mama says

    Hi. Great project!
    I wanted to alert you to what I assume to be an unauthorized use of your photo and content:
    It looks like they are taking photos and content off sites like Foodbuzz and others. Of course – as is common with such ripoff sites – the content is crudely translated and comments are closed. I had a site rip off a story from my humor blog, and all attempts to contact the owners were in vain.
    I hate to be the bearer of crappy news, but there it is.
    On another note, your cookies and cake are supremely awesome, and I bow down to your creativity and patience!

  2. Jess says

    Ok, I’m going to ask something I’m sure no one else has asked because they’re trying to be polite, but… ARE YOU HUMAN? These are flipping AMAZING!

  3. Maree from SWEETER THAN SUGAR says

    Amanda you’re awesome and you have an insane amount of patience to complete that design, but I’m a little heartbroken that you don’t like fondant covered cookies! They are one of my biggest sellers, so of course I love them, but give fondant a chance! <3

  4. Wes says

    I love this. How creative and fabulous. I’m giving Godiva Chocolates, 12 dozen red roses from our local florist and Jovanna Collections Charmed fine jewelry to my wife for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps a custom creative strawberry shortcake letter is due to day “I love you”.

  5. Erin says

    I just found your blog, and I have to say, you are insanely talented. You’re scary talented! Love all of these cute ideas you have!

  6. Isa says

    WOW! I’m speechless… It is sooooo cute and CREATIVE! Wouldn’t you like to come live w/ us in Spain?! You’re amazing! When’s your book coming out? I want it soooo bad!!

  7. Kimberly cooks says

    I want someone to make my grandmother a crossword puzzle cake for her birthday for March 7th can you do this for me


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