I Am Baker

what i have learned


We are in a constant state of learning around here.

Learning about our new home.  Learning about our neighborhood and surrounding community.

About what grocery store is the best and where is the closest gas station.


About what window has the best view of the sunrise, and about what trail has the most wild flowers and least amount of deer flies!


by far

one of the best things we learned is that when it rains, big puddles form, and they are great for splashing.

Dad and Inga


And after some splashing and discovering and exploring…

we learn

that the best thing about our new home

is learning about it together.


  1. says

    You moved!
    I looked back on previous posts, but couldn’t figure it out. Where are you living now?
    Doesn’t quite look like Okemos, but one can dream. *wink*

  2. Bethany says

    So excited for you all! There is nothing better than exploring the country together. I cannot believe how big your kids have gotten! It seems like yesterday Audrey was a baby.

    P.S. I’m dying for some new pictures of Olivia. :)

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