Wish I Had Thought of That

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I may have mentioned this before, but I have um…less then… stellar skills in the kitchen.  So I am always looking for new ways to do things. 

Or, a better ways to do things. 

Basically just ways to do things.

We have chicken or hamburger quite often, and when you only know a few ways to prepare each, things can get monotonous.

So I tried this chicken salad recipe the other night.

(um, I think a month ago?  hello bad blogger, nice ta meet ya)


It was pretty good… but dang that sandwich is blah looking!  I wish I had added some parsley or put it on a bed of fresh Romaine lettuce or something.



I did go back and add some diced tomato.

Which I happen to love on everything.  And when I say everything I mean some stuff. 

My grasp of the English language is blowing your mind right now.  I can tell.


Here is the recipe which I HIGHLY recommend adding some greens to.  Maybe some chives on top?  Or some fresh dill?  Yeah.  Fresh dill.  I wonder if I can go back and photoshop in fresh dill.  That might require knowing what fresh dill looks like.  And knowing how to add stuff into pictures on photoshop.

Details, details.

Chicken Salad

3 cups diced chicken (I used rotisserie)

1 tsp celery salt

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1/2 cup mayo

1 tsp salt (I used our house blend)


1/2 cup diced tomato

I put the salad on hot dog buns and we really preferred that over regular bread.

Now, this recipe is pretty darn basic. 

I have a feeling that you have a better version of chicken salad in your arsenal.  Care to share?

I will send a super expensive and finely crafted matchbook mini to the commenter with the best chicken salad recipe. 

It can be yours, it can be one you saw on the internet (be sure to give credit though) it can be that you added dill to this one.  

Wish I had thought of that.





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  1. says

    That sounds yummy. If you add some celery or grapes it will add to the texture and add some color as well. Dried cramberries or other fruit is really good with chicken salad as well.

  2. says

    How did I miss this post? Oh yes…five kids, all day, at my home! I’m a chicken salad freak! This really is the best recipe…I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but…it is!
    Just add the ingredients free style (as much as you like!)
    Cubed chicken breast
    diced celery
    diced green onions
    sliced red grapes
    drained mandarin oranges
    chopped pecans
    mayo with olive oil
    dill…lots and lots of dill
    Mix it up and serve on flaky crescents. Mmmm!

  3. Ouyang Dan says

    Ooh! (BTW, I like to drop back into your blog now and again!) I love chicken salad.
    I usually buy a bag of frozen breasts and either grill them up in good weather or use my cast iron grill pan indoors, and shred it, or I use canned chicken because I am a big cheater. If the rotisserie chicken is a good price I will get that too, b/c the taste is better than canned for salad.
    I use a little Italian dressing, or I make my own mustard vinaigrette. I like to add almonds pecans (whatever’s handy), a little fresh avocado, and Diced! Tomato! Basically anything I like, and just eat it. But I really like your hot dog bun idea, because I bet my Kid would really like that!

  4. Hilary (A Look Into Our Lives) says

    Yummy! I love tomatoes on ‘everything,’ too. Really..I do!
    Oh, and I love adding halved red grapes to chicken salad whenever I make it(which isn’t alot but I’m thinking I need to make some soon!)