I Am Baker

You Asked, He Answered

Thanks for all the great questions ladies!  I love your creativity and thoughtfulness… and I have to admit, I learned a few things!  

Your questions are in black, his answers are in red.  I just want to say thank you to Chad for taking the time to answer them… and thank you to you guys for getting my hubby involved in blogging!!

  1. Hello Chad from
    Yorktown, VA! I am curious, has Amanda always possessed such amazing
    talents and is it hard to live in her shadow? Do folks call you Mr. I am
    Baker or Mr.I am Mommy? Do you get recognized at WalMart? I am just
    joking. I really don't have a question. I just wanted to thank you for
    supporting your wife who in turns keeps us folks entertained with her
    baked goods and antidotes. Beth Ayotte


- You are welcome…..


  1. Dear Chad, How many more offspring will you be creating with dear
    Amanda? What is your occupation? What is your favorite meal Amanda cooks?
    Do you have a blog? How do you feel about your wife blogging? You may
    answer one of all. The choice is yours. Taylor


Kids – When Amanda
and I first started having kids, I wanted 3, and Amanda wanted 15.  I think now that we have 3, I am open for
one or two more??  We will see.

Job – I work for a
Kraus Anderson Construction Company.  I
am a Senior Project Manager. 

Meal – I would
probably say Lasagna, although she does make a mean meatloaf.

Blog – I do not

Wife Blogging – I didn’t quite understand it at first, but
I understand now.  I see a whole new
view on her life through her blog as well.


  1. I want to know if she
    can cook as wonderful as she bakes? Alicia

When we first met, Amanda could not cook.  But now with kids, she has learned out of
necessity.  She is a very good cook, and
is always trying new recipes that she finds. 


  1. Did your life turn out
    the way you envisioned it would? 2. Does Amanda steal the covers? 3. Do
    you have a favorite Bible verse? 4. How many times a day do you and Amanda
    say I Love You to each other?  Kate

Life – I don’t
think my life is what I imagined it to be when I was younger.  It is even better than I thought it would
be.  I am truly blessed with by my wife
and my kids.  Right now, I don’t think
that there is really anything that I would change, except maybe a little bigger
house with some land for the kiddos to run and for a bigger garden.

Covers – I always like a “ton” of covers.  I have the sheets, several blankets, and the
comforter.  Amanda doesn’t like that
many, so if anything, I am the one that steals the sheets.

Verse – John
14:6  - “Jesus answered, I am the way
and the truth and the life.  No one
comes to the Father except through me.”

Love – I would say
that we do not say ‘I Love You’ near enough during the day.  That is a good reminder to never take your
partner for granted, and let them now how you feel. 

  1. Do you sneak things
    from the kitchen when she is slaving away? What is your favorite treat
    that she bakes. If you say you don't like to eat sweets I might have to
    steal your wife and let her live with someone who enjoys sugar, so answer
    carefully!  Lorie

Sneak – I do not “sneak” anything.  I never know what might be extra, and what
she was really planning on using for a picture.  I always ask first.

Favorite – I would
say probably just a cookie, although I am pretty partial to her “Ultimate
Dessert”.    I don’t mind a dessert now
and then, but I would rather just have another helping of potatoes and another
piece of steak…….


  1. What is YOUR FAVORITE thing/activity to do
    while spending family time with your kids and wife? Nicole

I would have to say, just going for a walk, or just
hanging out in the yard on a nice day while the kids are playing. (Oh, unless
you count going to Disney World, then maybe doing that.


  1. Hi Chad, So how DO you
    manage to have such a beautiful and talented wife? Sue

I guess I just got lucky, or maybe there was someone else
that had a plan.  I truly believe that I
would not be a true Christian without my wife. 
I am very blessed.

  1. Hmmmm. A question for
    Chad. OK. What are you going to do to surprise your wife on Mother's Day?

I do have something very special in the works, but I can’t
tell you now.  That would ruin the
surprise.  I am sure that Amanda will
blog about that, so stay tuned……

  1. Firstly I admire your
    ability to allow another to have control of YOUR Blog – how brave!
    Secondly – can I join the queue for the sarcasm font? Thirdly (?) – my
    questions for your husband 1. How did you meet? 2. Do you 'get' blogging?
    3. Your earliest memory? 4. What would be your perfect day? 5. What would
    be your perfect meal? 6. Where in the world would you mst liketo visit?
    That should keep you busy for a while! Janmary, N Ireland

Meet – My wife and I have differing opinions on this
one.  I believe that the true first time
we meet, was at a bar in downtown Fargo. 
We played a game of pool late one night, and that was about it.  She certainly did catch my eye, but I never
got her #.  Just my luck, we meet a
month or so later at another bar in Fargo, and played some more pool.  This time we played more than just one game
of pool, and the rest is history.

Blog – See Question #2 last part.

Memory – probably “swimming in a flooded street” after a
huge rain storm, when I was about 3 or 4.

Perfect Day – I would say probably up before the sun with
a good cup of black coffee, and watching the sunrise, listening to the
birds.  After about 3 or 4 cups of
coffee, a good county breakfast with the family.  Then maybe some a little fishing, or just hanging outside with
the family.  Maybe even just working in
the Garden or yard for a while too. 
Grilling steak and potatoes with fresh sweet corn for dinner,.  After the kids go to bed, sitting around the
fire with a good cigar.  I guess a lot
relates to “food”.  Oh well…..

Meal – See day above……

Visit – I would say maybe Norway or Ireland.

  1. this is fun.. my
    questions: Do you cook? What is one dish that you would like to learn to
    make for your lovely wife and kids? Have a nice day! :) Olive

Yes, I do cook, and enjoy cooking.  I can somewhat bake, but do not enjoy it,
and am not even in the same league as my wife.

Dish – If I could learn one new dish to make for the
family, I would have to say something Japanese.

  1. Ok….just one question
    for Chad… Is it true what she says? That she really can't actually cook?
    Oh and btw…yes, your kiddos do look just like you. Amanda…you've seen
    pictures of my kiddos on FB and I'm assuming pictures of my hubs…they're
    all mini-Joe's. *sigh* You and I must just have weak genes or
    something…lol. Crystal

Answer is same as
Question #3

  1. How much weight do you
    gain from Amanda's "practices?" 2. Would you ever consider a
    homebirth? (pick your jaw off the floor, Amanda…it's just something I
    wonder about husbands) 3. Do you consider yourself more a
    "steady," "command," or "visionary" man?

Weight – I have ended up gaining a few pounds, but I try
to control myself as best I can.  It is
tough though.

Homebirth –
Nope.  Kinda tough with a C-Section
birth.  Even if it was normal, I don’t
think I could do it.  Just too concerned
about potential issues.

Man – I would
consider myself – Steady. 

  1. Okay, Chad, Being that
    you and I grew up in the same town but didn't know each other at all
    because you were a cool senior when I was a dorky 7th grader, I want to
    ask you a question about Morris. Did you have a job in high school and if
    so, where did you work? (remember you can be pretty specific as I will
    know, more than likely, what you are talking about!) And I am excited to
    hear your version of how you and Amanda met. can you add how you got to
    know Jesus too? (which by the way, I was telling your wife that there is ALWAYS
    hope for your families to know him, too! Just ask her! And if she doesn't
    remember, we talked about it in her truck on the way to Burnsville!)

Job – Off and on, I helped Bill Krump on his Pheasant
Farm.  Help with feeding, and
watering.  I also helped catch and put
them in crates when he would sell them. 
I also worked at “Taco Johns” for about 6 months when it first
opened.  I really didn’t have a main
job, and I was in sports all through the school year.  My parents always said that as long as we got good grades, and
were in sports we didn’t have to get jobs.

Meet – See
Question #9 – 1st answer.

Jesus – If it was
not for my wife, I don’t believe that I ever would have.  I had always been church attender (for the
most part), and thought that I was a Christian.  I just didn’t get it though. 
My life did not reflect it at all. 
Getting to a good Bible based church was great as well.

  1. The first time I ever
    read your blog, it had the pictures of all the pickling going on at your
    house! SO, I would love to know how many of those jars have you used up,
    Chad? Do they still taste as good as they did that day? :) Plan on
    "pickling" again? (I know, lame questions! Seriously, though,
    those pictures have stuck with me and given me odd cravings for pickled
    foods!) Londa

My mother has always canned and pickled.  I grew up with a huge gardens.  It never really took though with me.  I always liked her pickles, and canned
items, but I really just liked a certain “hotness” about pickles.  It just kind of hit me a couple of years
ago.  I still plan on continuing with
the pickling, and will be spreading out to try a few other things.  We are already doing tomatoes, beets,
several kinds of pickles, the pickled peppers that you are referring to, and
some pickled green beans.


  1. What is the one show you watch
    that Amanda absolutely hates? What meal does Amanda cook that you hate (if
    there is one), but say you like just to be nice? What is your favorite
    activity or hobby that is the most relaxing for you? I look forward to the
    answers Traci

Show – I would
probably say any hunting show that I watch.

Meal – I don’t really think there is
one.  I am one of those weird people
that can eat anything.  There are things
that I like better than other, but I will eat pretty much anything.

Activity – I would probably day either Elk
hunting in Idaho, or Walleye fishing in Ontario.

  1. What is the first thing you
    noticed about your wife when you first met? Liz

I think that since this is a family show, I will just
say her smile……….


  1. Puna says

    What a great way to get to know someone new! Love your husband’s answers…mine would never do something like this.

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