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When I started this baking blog a year and a half ago, one thing I did almost right away was create a 'i am baker' flickr group.  I wanted to really embrace the communityness* of the blogging world and I also wanted you to have a forum to share your work! 

*That is so totally a word.  Just dont look it up.

After going through the recent additions and oohhing and aahhing I decided that I must share them here.  You guys are so darn talented!

An eleven tier red and black cupcake tower topped off with an adorable little cake? Awesome.

by SweetElizabeth


This is so clean and the colors are perfect.  Such a great presentation!

By Sweet As Sugar

Thin Mint Cake

I love Cheryls use of color and design, and also love her great tips on making the Thin Mint cake even better!

By Tidymom

These Dark Chocolate Chunk cookies are gorgeous.  And I am betting utterly delicious.

by Ya Salam Cooking

Kaylene says the butterflies adorning these lovely cupcakes are edible as well.  Yippee!

by baked.pretty


I love everything about this collage.  Erins entire photostream is wonderful!

by erin childs


You know I am sorta obsessed with roses right?  This one is perfection.

by Created by Diane


This particular pretty rose cake is by photsweets, and I am so impressed with all the rose cakes!


If you would like to add pictures to the i am baker flickr group here is the link.  Happy baking!


  1. Diane (Created by Diane) says

    Thanks so much for including my cupcake. Amanda you are the sweetest! I’m obsessed with roses too :)

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