I need your help

 I want to enter this contest..

"For The Kid In You" (click on link)

But I need help deciding which picture to enter.

I will number each one, and could you just leave a comment letting me know which one you think is the best choice??  That means EVERYONE!  Even those who don't normally leave comments.  Would it kill ya to drop me a note and give me your opinion??? 

Don't make me beg.  Its…well…. lets just say its not pretty.

My Hubby on the Playground is #1



IMG_8005 #3 (Gift #1 in pool)


#4 (Bubbles)

IMG_7196 #5 (Stairway to Slide)


#6 (Daddy playing Hide and Seek)

IMG_6315 #7 Rolling on the blue playmats


#8 (Gift #1 jumping to daddy)

IMG_6683 And please dont pick this one, I just had to throw it in.  Get it?  The "Kid in You'???  Ha!  I crack myself up. (And please don't tell me if I'm the only one I crack up.  In my head I'm so darn funny)

Ok, I will eagerly await your opinion on this very important matter!

God bless-


And P.S. If you think they are all kinda so-so and that I could find something better…let me know!

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Reader Comments

  1. My favorites are #2 and #8. I love the last one too! I actually thought of putting a picture of myself pregnant with my twins as a literal take on “The kid in you” of course in my case it would have to be “the kids in you”. You have an adorable family!

  2. I love #4 and #6! Although they are all very cute:) Let us know which one you choose!
    Blessings- Molly

  3. Wow they are all so good Amanda. The peek a boo is so cute but also like the one jumping in daddy’s arms. Great shot. Love, Janie

  4. hard choices….I like #6. I like all of them really but, I’ll pick #6, just to help you out and all. 🙂

  5. I vote for the bubbles one! 🙂 I also thought the PG one was a hoot! Too bad you can only enter one pic…that would be hilarious! 🙂 I may have to do that too…I got some fun pictures of Les and Bekah at the park on the slide the other day! 🙂
    Have a great day!
    Janis (Is it november yet? lol)

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