I was inspired by ElizaBeth over at Growing Grapes to make a list of reasons I love my spouse.  Now, to be very honest, this was probably the last list I thought I would be making today.  Not because anything is wrong, but because I have just been kinda taking our relationship for granted lately.  Everything seems good.  But ElizaBeth reminded me of something very important… you can never show your love enough to the people you love.

And…”I wouldn’t have missed loving you for anything”…

Beth Moore, When Godly People Do Ungodly Things

15 Reasons I Love My Husband

1. My husband, Chad, is the best father I know.

2. He takes my future and the future of the family very seriously, and does everything in his power to provide for and protect us.

3. He is one of the HANDIEST men I know.  He can fix anything.  I kid you not.  Broken pipes?  He fixes it.  Garage door broken? He fixes it.  Need new drywall or a new deck or cement laid or a lawn mowed? He does it with the best of them.  And he fixes owies on little scraped knees pretty darn well too.

4. He is very handsome.  This really shouldn’t be important to me, but I love that when I see him, I am delightedby his smile and physique and presence.

5. He is a fantastic cook and grill master (better then me by far!).

6. He is kind to everyone and a good listener. 

7. He is patient. 

8. He says he likes everything I cook.  Even when the kids take a bite and practically gag in their mouths and spit it out, he will eat whats on his plate, and then compliment me on it

9. He supports me and all my crazy ideas. 

10. He thinks alot about who he is as a dad, and always tries to be better.

11. He is excited for when the kids get older and he gets to take them hunting and fishing and all that outdoorsy guy stuff. 

12. He is self sufficient… if I didn’t clean, he would do it.  If I didn’t do the laundry (which never happens in my house…HA!) he will just put in a load and do it.  No prompting necessary.

13. He loves his family- extended and all- and will do anything for them.

14. He doesn’t say no when I say I want 10 kids.  He just works harder and tries to make it a financial possibility.

15. He knows the Lord, our God, and will be with me in Heaven.  Oh thank you Jesus.



Now…go make a list of your own.  Make it a list of 3 things…or 30… write it down, or just think of them and then tell him.  It does make a difference. 

Thanks ElizaBeth.

And BTW, ElizaBeth is new to the blogging world, I bet she would really appreciate a little encouragement and support!  She is a SAHM, home schools her kids, and is active in her church and faith.  Feel free to stop by and leave her a comment!  Thanks so much.

God bless-


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Reader Comments

  1. What an AWESOME list! I’m definately going to do this too!!! I’m also going to go visit ElizaBeth! I think often when those of us blessed with truly good men in our lives, it gets pretty easy to take them for granted! I know I for one am very guilty of that one!!

  2. I love this entry! I think all us married ladies should come up with a list to remind us how good our men are!

  3. This is a great list! Be sure to share it with your hubby! BTW read Song of Solomon: being attacted to you spouse is ALL over it! God designed us to be that way! Thanks for sharing my blog… I think….LOL

  4. This was really wonderful to read, I’ve done this for my fiance, I wrote him a list of 100 things I love about him. Anyways, it’s really awesome to see that you have such a loving marriage, which I can’t wait to have soon. It gives me a lot of hope for a life-long marriage. Thanks for posting this.

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