7 Great Things to Say to a Child Today

filed under: I Am Mommy on September 19, 2013

As I get more and more tired and more and more cranky and more and more abset minded, (I dont know if I should blame old age or lack of sleep or my inability to say no to projects and commitments)  I have come to understand that my parenting has to be intentional.  I have to make the choice to be patient and understanding.  I have to know ahead of time that mistakes will be made and rules will be broken, and that its ok.  We will learn and grow and hopefully do better next time.

I recently happened upon a quote that said you need to say at least 6 positive things to a child for every negative comment.  Now, the goal would of course to be to never say a negative comment to anyone… and one day I hope to be able to say that I do that.

But today, in all my imperfect and flawed self, I need to remember to focus on positives.

7 Things you should say to your child TODAY! from iambaker.net


If I cant say them all I will at least try for one.  One with each child that is!  And maybe, just maybe, if I am saying something supportive and positive five times a day it will become habit.  And if it becomes a habit, maybe I will eventually reach my goal of never saying anything negative!  I may be getting a little ahead of myself here. 😉

Just in case you need a little extra motivation like I did… read this.

The way we talk to children...


This powerful quote will ensure at least a few hours of loving kind words in this house!

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  • Holiday Baker Man says:

    So sweet!

  • Amanda L says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I have found myself being more negative as of lately and this is very helpful. I will hang it up as a reminder. Thanks again!

  • Archana says:

    Thank you, Amanda for this much needed thought.. will certainly try..I love the quote. Parenting is by far the hardest job and kudos to you for raising wonderful kids.. hugs!


  • Angelina says:

    Thank you for this post!
    That’s a great reminder about all these important things we forget sometimes. We think if we feed baby and they have all of the latest toys, lots of cute clothes that’s enough.
    Sometimes important things need less efforts but more attention – babies not realize how much it cost to buy all of the stuff and how hard we work – they understand love and support we give them in emotional way.
    Wormth of words and support of perents – always will be priceless, having that in their mind kids will grow independednt, confident, they will be sure that they can do anything cause they have inner strength to do it.

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