So, I heard a wonderful message this morning from Beth Moore. Its about comfort and seeking earthy comforts versus Divine Comfort.

Beth Moore Quick Bite (The God of All Comforts-Part 2-Video or Audio)

Could I write a book on this stuff!

I am always seeking comforts from friends.  From neighbors.  From family.  And I tell you, I am disappointed more than I am fulfilled.

I once had a pretty routine surgery.  (Getting my gall bladder removed) Well, things ended up not going to routinely.  Something went horribly wrong.  Instead of a 1 hour 'in and out' procedure, it ended up being a 4 hour procedure than put me in the hospital for 2 more days.  The pain was unspeakable. 

All I wanted was comfort.  I wanted someone to be sitting in the lobby waiting for the bell on the hour (you have to listen to Beth Moores message to understand that) and wanting to comfort me.

I didn't get it.  I didn't get a single visitor nor did I get a single phone call.  I laid in that room and tried to make conversation with busy nurses and watch television like it was my purpose.

(My husband was taking care of a 2 year old and a 2 month old, so I understood that he was busy, and me being in the hospital was unplanned, unexpected, and we were unprepared.)

But oh how I wished someone would drop everything and just comfort me.

If only I had turned to my heavenly Father.  If only I had known then that His presence is 24-7.  That He is waiting by my bedside, holding my hand, putting everything else on hold just to console me.

I would have not been disappointed.  I would have been satisfied.

This is a lesson that I am sure I will be learning for a long time.  But at least now I know, truly know, that I always have consistent and ever present comfort.

And this is the way God wants it.  He does not want us to lean on human comfort for our ability to cope. (I don't mean that we shouldn't seek Biblical counsel or seek Godly advice, and as Beth states, in many circumstances, that is exactly how God is going to guide us…what  I mean is, we shouldn't rely on earthly means to learn to cope.)

As Beth Moore so graciously pointed out, when we begin to lean on earthy or human comfort, we then begin to stop coping.  Coping is what God wants us to do so that we get through the trial He has allowed us to endure.

This makes a lot more sense if you just listen to Beth's message.  She says it much more eloquently then I…

But I wanted to share the power of Divine Comfort with you.  I pray that this message can work in your life as it has mine.





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  1. Thanks Amanda, this was a good post because it was a fine reminder about the God of comfort. Jesus said,’ Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ This from Matthew 11:28 King Jimmy
    We trust him for salvation, we can trust him for our cares too. He is trustworthy. Thanks again.

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