I hope you will forgive this little indulgence.  I normally do not post anything on my baking blog that is not, well, baking related.  

And this sorta is…

I just received a very special package in the mail.

It is from the lovely and talented ladies from Brides magazine.


Dont scratch your head too long, yes I am already married.  There is no new news there.

So what is so special about this particular issue?

*holding breath cause I still can't believe its real*


My cookies are in it!!!

About five months ago I teased that I had some big news about these facebook and twitter cookies.  And this is it!  


The most precious page ever, #64, contains these little bad boys.

I am so honored and thrilled and not even a comment from dear hubby like, "Thats it?" can bring me down. (He, being my dear husband and all, just assumed they would get a whole page.  I love that he did that!)

Yes, thats it.  And thats all I ever wanted!!!  

Thank you so much Brides magazine!  Your staff is amazing and professional and so kind and patient, I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have been a part of this!

Now I promise I wont hijack my blog anymore for silly things like this! (but thank you so much for indulging me!)

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Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations – Whoo, hoo! That is great exposure for you. I am still awaiting my ‘big break’ and will announce it when it happens too! Keep up the great work!

  2. AMANDA!
    This is AWESOME!
    I have LONG SAID your work should be in magazines!
    What an HONOR!
    I hope you DO put more of this on your blog…girl…you are GOING places!

  3. Hey, it’s your blog, you can hijack it any time you want 🙂 And big news like this is most definitely worthy of a hijacking! WOW!! BIG CONGRATS to you, and your FB cookies are ADORABLE! 🙂

  4. SOOOOO fantastic! A little surreal to see yourself in print, no? Better fire up your oven for all the cookie orders!!!

  5. Are you kidding? I would shout it from the rooftops! I must say, when you first posted about these cookies, I thought they were some of the cutest, most ingeniously hip and original cookies around!!! CONGRATS!!!

  6. These may have been my favorite cookies of yours and how AMAZING they are in brides mag! 🙂 contests and ps I hope you would hijack your blog again for something as special as this! Woo hoo!!

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