I have visited some really neat blogs this week… some that made me laugh, some that made me cry… some that are just food for thought.  So I figured I would start a new Friday installment…

 Amanda Travels the Blogosphere

I'll travel to foreign lands and to distant places… even to your backyard… in my tireless attempts to bring laughter, sometimes free prizes and giveaways, love, and the occasional quizzical stare into everyones lives.  You are just that important to me.

So sit down, grab a cup of cocoa, and get your finger ready.  You're going for a ride.


Now, I do not watch The Office, but I did happen to watch this clip, and I have to tell you, I laughed out loud.  Thank you Mrs B

Miss Meg at whatever shared this clip from SNL.  Good stuff for us old farts.

Miss Rae over at Pioneer Woman is giving away a knife.  You can use it for cooking…or whatever else you want.  Hurry up!

And also from PW, I made these.  It was easy.  And they were AWESOME.

Over at He & Me +3, you can win a new CD from Meredith Andrews, a Christian artist.

Stop on by Stuff Christians Like and read this.  This guy is so smart and clever and witty… you could get lost on his blog for days!

Take a little trip over to see Debi at Just as I am… she is offering a free giveaway for a 6 month subscription to Relish and online menu and recipe site…

And whatever you do , do NOT stop by Christy's blog and see who was nominated for Mother of the Year

Just because you can, take a moment to lift this family up in prayer.


OK boys and girls… have fun and be good! 

If you are having a contest or know of a good giveaway or saw something too funny the other day, drop me a line! manda2177@aol.com, or just leave a comment.


God bless!





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  1. i like this idea of showing stuff where you’ve been. not that i can’t completely get lost on the web by myself but it’s always good to get recommendations. i even went to the Pioneer Woman and made the steak bites (but a bit bigger)and even deglazed the pan to make the wine sauce. it was soooooo good! so, thanks for that! i look at recipes all the time and have never come across that way to cook steak. your kidos are sweet. see you tomorrow for “not me! Monday.”

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