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filed under: Miscellaneous on February 6, 2009

Hello there all you blog lovin', internet surfing, fun seeking sisters!  Hope your going to enjoy your weekend… but until its officially Friday night and time to party, we can still enjoy a few hours or so on our computers!

Heres a few places that I enjoyed visiting this week…

Suburban Nonsense is a new blog by Amanda Jo and Kate… its a great resource for any mom who could use some help with organizing, saving, and grocery shopping.  That, and much, much more! 

Go and visit Robyn at Mom All Day.  She is a handy dandy creative genius and is even giving away some free prints!!

Mckmama is giving away a book called Start Your Family… go and leave a comment to win!

Miss Ree is giving away three Kitchen Aid mixers… hurry up and enter!

I gotta go make a cake.. let me know if you win!

oh! And don't forget to go and sign up for Free Vitamin D!

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  • Katie says:

    Thanks for sharing these tid bits of information. Will have to check them out. You know me, love to organize and keep things in their places. I have a little something for you from yesterdays post. When you have a minute, pop on over. Take care of you my friend,

  • BP says:

    Thanks for the tips!! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  • he & me +3 says:

    Thanks for the links…I love giveaways.