This is for you, and you know who you are.

I wish I could reach out to you right now, look right into your eyes, and tell you how deeply sorry I am for not being more gentle with you.  For not understanding how precious and valuable your opinions and suggestions and advice and friendship are to me, and making them a priority above my own selfish wants.

You are so beautiful to me, I cherish you, and I am sorry I did not treat your feelings with the respect they deserved.

I am trying to change, please believe that.

I do not want to ever hurt you again. 


Truth be told, this is written to no one person, yet everyone I know.  Through some experiences in the last fewdays, I have be given a glimpse at the power of words, and the power they have to hurt.


I am filled with regret at my choices, my actions, the words I have so carelessly spoken and written.  

Am I ever going to be able to confidently represent the Savior that I so desperately wish to emulate?  Will anyone ever be able to just look at me and know Whom I Serve?

The answer lies in my ability to recognize wrong, and seek out right.

Thankfully, I can call out to Him, seek His forgiveness, and begin today anew. 


I pray that the Lord blesses you today and every day thereafter.

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Reader Comments

  1. Sweet friend, I cannot begin to tell you how this spoke to my heart. I had a long difficult weekend with those I love most. It is so hard to curb the “flames” that leap from my mouth. This post is convicting and comforting. (If I can be really honest and say it’s good to know I’m not alone in this struggle.)
    My comfort is this: Our representation of Christ comes not in our perfection, but our humbleness. Not in our ability to always get it right, but our willingness to correct what is wrong. He wants our broken hearts to be filled with him. Sometimes the breaking is so painful it seems I’ll never recover, and it some ways I don’t. But that’s all part of His glory. Our pastor used an incredible illustration a few weeks ago. Stained glass is beautiful because of it’s broken, jagged edges. If there was no need for the soldering, there would be no beauty.
    I see Him at work in your life. I watch amazed at the strength of your convictions. Praying you will see yourself through His loving eyes. You are precious to Him!

  2. I love you my friend. I really do. And you are such a beautiful creation and God is so very pleased with you right now…know that…I am so thankful that he catches me each and every time I fall and helps me recover and see Him more clearly. I wish others will see this post…I pray that they will…I pray that they will…

  3. This is a great post. a reminder for us all, thank you for being so humble. and thanks for stopping by and commenting on my contest entry! I appreciate it 🙂

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