I am so excited to share with you exactly who will be joining our little family in 2011!


My oldest predicted a girl.

My mom and sister demanded another girl. They might have a slight fascination with little Audrey.

My husband already told the kids its a girl and helped them practice saying "sister".


Were they right?  


Its a boy!  At least, the ultrasound girl thought so… but she said, "I have been doing this for 11 years, and I am pretty sure I recognize one of those when I see one."  She couldn't get a picture or a clear shot, but I believe her! 

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  1. Beautiful news!! I like the name Marston, very different. It is Hugh Hefner’s son’s name as well as his being his own middle name. I know weird, but it is catchy. Well, Beth wouldn’t work now would it?

  2. Oh Amanda, I am so late, but congratulations on another boy!! 🙂 I only have two girls and I really think God blessed me with girls….not sure I know what to do with boys! But I think you must be a natural (along with your hubby) for boys. We cannot wait to see (a picture) of him when he announces his arrival.

  3. I like these lovely boys names, Bailey, Cohen, Braxton, Emerson, Jenson and Elliott!!! Congratualtions!!!

  4. i’ve been painting the walls of our new house this past week and that gives me lots of time to think…i thought of YOU! i think you left me a comment recently, right? that got me realizing that it’s been forever since i’ve been blog reading. just too busy with new move and job and house. i was wondering if you had the baby yet. not yet, i see! you are a sweety and i hope all is well. let me know if you are ever in the Sacramento, CA area! i saw the names above suggested that i love: luke (my brother’s name), noah, liam. those are sweet yet cool names, i think.

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