Just wondering.

Strangers, lurking on your space…touching your stuff…picking it up and discarding it without hesitation.

Or somethin.

Cause yesterday and today thats what I am doin.


From my own garage.

Yes, thats right, I am having a garage sale.

Selling a bunch of things I never needed but have enjoyed having and am having a hard time parting with so maybe put on ridiculously high price tags just so no one would buy it.


One of my favoritest dresses ever. 

The biggest and best Geo-Tracks train table ever built.

With all the trains of course.


But my favorite thing to part with is the loud toys.

The ones that play the same song over and over and over again.

Or turn on in the middle of the night and say creepy things and make me think there is 'something' possessing them.

Better leave that out of my sales pitch.


But even as I grudgingly attempt to rid my home of the 'stuff' that can so quickly overtake us…

I just have to remember who its all for.

I need more money to go buy them more and different stuff.

I'm kidding.


No really, I am!  This whole experience has made me see that I am too attached to STUFF!  Whatever we dont sell is going to the local thrift store.

Well, most of it. 😉

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Reader Comments

  1. I love garage sales. My husband and I left the kids with my sister this morning and scoured the neighborhood for deals. We came home with a big pile of baby clothes for the new little one, too! Fun, fun.

  2. I have a yard sale almost every year. Some years are great others are only okay. Hope yours is great and you make lots of money!!! We have a TON of toys to sell this year as we make room for baby in the fall.

  3. YES! Garage sales are hard, too… mentally and physically. Sigh. Hope you do well. Some things are just so hard to part with. I’m a sentimental girl. 😉

  4. I agree with the poster who said have them at your friends’ house! haha Not because it’s creepy but because it’s really less work for you! That’s what I did yesterday! Actually, I used your amazing sugar cookie recipe and icing recipe and made some awesome cookies to sell. All the proceeds ($99!!!) are going toward Autism Speaks when we walk for my son (2 years old and just diagnosed with autism) at the Walk now for Autism Speaks in June. I took pictures to share with you and someday I will actually send them to you! Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  5. I love going yard selling hate having them. They are the most annoying things. To sit outside all day while others touch your stuff is so annoying. But its necessary once a year to clean out your house so you can fit more stuff in it.

  6. such wonderful photos! i say next time you post those on craigslist before your sale…do you use that site? we buy nearly everything we own from there…i totally agree with you about being attached to stuff…i long for a life of simplicity and “less is more” but have a long way to go to get there…

  7. Garage sales CAN be creepy! But usually it’s just older people (at least where I am) getting stuff for their grandchildren. I recommend this method: ask yourself this question “If I were out shopping right now, would i buy this?” If the answer is “no.” it goes, if the answer is “yes”, truly “yes”, no if’s and’s or but’s about it, you can keep it (for now!)

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