When I was at my folks place a couple weeks ago, my sister gave me a huge bag of makeup.

I looked at her with a bewildered expression and just shrugged.  

When I got home, and really took a look at it, I was shocked.

I am sure the makeup she gave me is worth well over one million dollars*.

*I have no idea the actual value of makeup.  But I like saying one million dollars in my best Dr. Evil voice.



People make eyeshadow in a liquid form??

Well just color me informed.  And dusty gray while you're at it.


And this stuff actually makes your lips BIGGER! I put some on and it felt like someone had punched me in the mouth.

But in a good way.

Ya know.  Cause it was pretty. 

So yeah, I pretty much have no excuse now.  I better go and figure out what is what.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the lip liner I tried on is actually eye liner.

Details, details.

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  1. Hey this is Eric. Just stumbled upon your blog and found quite funny stuffs out here. Find you have such a good collection of makeup ! Will visit your blog later again.

  2. always being a misunderstood hippy chic growing up in a small town that emphasized appearance and make-up, i rebelled as a teenager by NOT wearing any…and still don’t…but there are those days when i come across a wonderful bright tomato red orange color lipstick (usually a colored lip gloss that once applied doesn’t hold the color i’m hoping for) that i reconsider…looking forward to your experimentation…i’m sure you are much more talented than me in this area!

  3. Hello Friend,
    makeup is intimidating! I’m far to scared to try anything besides my usual blush, eye liner and mascara. very interesting and beautiful blog site
    cosmetic surgery

  4. Your so cute. I think your sister is trying to tell you to pretty yourself up sometimes…

  5. It is really nice that your sister gave you a huge bag of make up.Well I like make up only for parties and some occasions.

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