• Audreys Cake

    filed under: Miscellaneous on December 20, 2009

    I had no idea what to do for Audreys first birthday cake! I sorta just made this up as I went along…






    It was pretty easy to do, just lines up the side meeting on the top.

    I think if I were to do this cake again, I would pay more attention to detail and make sure everything was symmetrical and straight!

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    Love the Colors!!!!
    You can make me one next month for my Birthday !!!!!

    Boy! You are great at making it up as you go along!!

    Wow! Very, very impressive. I have baker’s envy right now. 🙂

    Oh Amanda—that is so cute. I loved the first picture and then I kept scrolling down and saw the inside and I think my eyes grew! So amazing–what a lucky little girl! Happy Birthday cutie!

    So beautiful and *perfectly* pink for a pretty little birthday princess!

    This is absolutely beautiful!!

    THIS is what you come up with when you’re just winging it? i’m astounded, amazed, and completely impressed. what a glorious cake for a special birthday. 🙂

    Beautiful! For someone who just winged it…this looks amazing!

    So much fun!!I love the photo with Audrey and the cupcake…that is priceless!

    gorgeous, neopolitan layered tall cake in pink, my fav color too !!!!!
    amazingly impressed.

    Happy Birthday little Audrey!

    it’s beautiful! looks great to me! love the colors inside!

    Super, super cute! I didn’t realize how little it was until the picture with the knife…love it!! And I love the different flavors. Yum! 🙂

    What a tall and lovely cake for a one-year old!

    It’s a truly beautiful cake. I absolutely love the colours. They all work wonderfully together!

    Happy Birthday Audrey! The cake is awesome! The colours are wonderful too. Is that buttercream frosting? How did you make those colours inside? I would be grateful idf you would post the recipe because I want to prepare the same for my daughter on her birthday.

    OMG…that is fabulous!!!

    That is why that dress struck something in me.. I saw this post before I bought it!! 🙂

    Gorgeous cake: inside-out. Love it.
    Belated Happy birthday to your little girl!

    Gorgeous cake: inside-out. Love it.
    Belated Happy birthday to your little girl!


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