• Audreys P’s and Q’s

    filed under: Miscellaneous on December 3, 2011

    I was busily typing an email today and Audrey came up and asked if she could sit on my lap.

    Not breaking my stride, I moved a knee out and let her hop on.

    She kept leaning closer and closer to my computer until her face was completely blocking the screen.

    I stopped just looked at her.

    She turned around and said,

    “Mom you forgot the Q.”

    “Oh really?  Did I need one?”

    “Yup.” she told me matter of fact-ly.  “You must not be very good at Q’s.”

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    Aww, so cute! One of my very favorite “MOM-ents” came when Jack was just a preschooler. He came to my knee while I was typing at my desk, and he asked if he could snuggle in my arms to sleep. It had been over a year (at least!) since such a thing had occurred, so I happily obliged, and I rocked him right there in my desk chair, tears pricking the corners of my eyes that my sweet baby was growing up so very fast! ♥

    So cute!! That and the “can I talk to business”…good thing you are writing these down b/c you don’t want to forget! 🙂

      I know! She is a regular riot lately! 🙂 Been thinking of you alot. It helps that I have a card from you on my fridge so I think of you every time I go there… 😉

    No. Stinkin’. Way! She can NOT be that big. She’s got her mama’s sense of humor. 🙂

    Love that picture. Her eyes are so expressive.

      Thanks!!! I feel the same way when I go see your gorgeous kids!

    She’s precious! And super smart!

    So precious! She is adorable!

    Aww, sweet little story Amanda. Audrey is such a pretty little girl. With three brothers to look out for her as she grows up I still get the feeling that this little lady is going to be able to handle things just fine all on her own. Have a great week.

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