Baby is born!!!

filed under: Miscellaneous on December 19, 2008

With a eventful night (which I will let Mommy fill you in on) we welcomed our Little Baby Girl into the world this morning.


6 lbs. 14 oz.

19 inches

Both Mommy and Baby are doing well.  

Doesn't Mommy look great.  About an hour after surgery.


Daddy sure is Happy to.



More info and Pics to follow.

(Sorry for the unedited pictures.  I don't have mommy's touch with editing. )

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  • Amanda Jo says:

    She’s beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Michelle M. says:

    Congratulations!! She is gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see more photos.

  • BP says:

    Thanks so much or the update! I’m so happy to see your sweet little daughter. God bless you!

  • Janis Soule says:

    YAY! So happy for you! She is just beautiful! 🙂 I got all weepy seeing her pics! I hope that all is going well and that you recover quickly! Looking forward to more pictures and the unveiling of a name!!! She looks so much like your boys! You can tell she is part of your family! Just gorgeous!
    God Bless!

  • Ashley Griffin says:

    YAY!!!!! glad everyone is doing well and what a dad for posting on your blog amanda!! does baby girl have a name?

  • Julie in WA says:

    Praise God for a blessed delivery!
    Amanda, you look fantastic.
    And Baby Girl is beautiful too.
    What is her name?

  • Becoming Me says:

    Oh she is fantastic! An absolute beauty! Congrats

  • Liz says:

    Oh Congrats!! You did real good, she is adorable, and you look fantastic!!

  • Tammy says:

    Congratulations to the whole family on a beautiful baby girl. Kudos to “Hubby” for updating all your fans. What a guy!! She looks great and both you and “hubby” look so proud as I am sure you both are. Cant wait to see more. May God grant you a speedy recovery. Enjoy your time in the hospital, being waited on for a change, take full advantage. I send all my love and prayers your way:) Take care and God Bless.

  • Tracie says:

    Congratulations Amanda and Chad! She is just beautiful : )
    She would have looked great in those baby clothes I sent..ya know, if UPS hadn’t lost them. Ahem.
    And, you really look great for just having a baby. I think an hour after my c-sections I was still groggy and half asleep.
    I got the email…love the name!
    Welcome to the world little one.

  • JanMary, N Ireland says:

    Congrats on your beautiful new arrival. She shares my daughter’s birthday.
    Hugs and thanksgiving prayers.
    Now forget about blogging and enjoy your new addition 🙂

  • Christy says:

    I know I already emailed you but wanted to say I’m so very happy for you all again!!! She’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  • stacy Ness says:

    Very Very Cute!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
    I am so excited for you guys and can’t wait to meet her the next time we get together (whenever that is – Hopefully sooner then later).
    PS The pictures looked just fine.

  • ElizaBeth says:

    Congrats! You both did a great job!! Thanks for sharing with us. Blessings.

  • Katie says:

    Your AMAZING ~ She’s ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Many Blessings to you and yours my friend. Take care,
    P.S. Congratulations!!!!!

  • Janie says:

    How precious… she is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and everyone looks great. Love, Janie