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The winner was Jennifer:

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!!!! how adorable is this set!!!!! I would totally give this to my 5 year old son who would adore it! He loves cooking with Mama :-) and when he outgrows it his little sister, who is 18 months, could be introduced to the joy of cooking with it also! Oh the memories to be made :-)

Congrats Jennifer!


I am a big huge fan of MacKenzie-Childs, and am completely transformed into a giddy school girl when their catalogue arrives.  I read it from cover to cover, soaking up all the beautiful and creative designs.

Mini Baking Set from MacKenzie-Childs

One day I happened to be on their website and found this adorable little Mini Baking Kit.

The little girl in me squealed and danced and called my mom and begged her to get it for me!  Then I remember that I am a mom, and if necessary could buy it for myself.  Then I also remember that I actually have the grown up size version of these things so I really didn’t need it.

But then I remember I have two little girls and they HAD TO HAVE IT.  (Boys would love it too!  My boys just happened to see the Explorers Kit and went nuts for it!)

Mini Baking Set from MacKenzie-Childs

So it was settled.

Just look at the preciousness!!  The mini oven mitt and mini muffin pan and mini tart pans and mini cookie cutters and rolling pin and whisk and well, you get the idea.  It’s MINI HEAVEN.

I want to send one of these adorable kits to one lucky reader!  So, in FLASH GIVEAWAY fashion, leave me a comment telling me WHO WOULD YOU GIVE THIS BAKING SET TO and one of you will win!

Product Details Suggest Retail Value is $85.00

Official Rules

Giveaway is open for 24 hours.  Open to US and Canada.


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  • Donna Johansen says:

    I would give it to my Great Grandaughter Stella. She will be 2 in October but already baking with her Mom. Mom posted a picture of Stella standing on a chair with her little apron on and spatula in hand. I could see flour, sugar, vanilla and a
    bag of chocolate chips in the picture. What do you suppose they were baking? Hmmm?

  • Kris says:

    My 3 year old granddaughter….who loves to help in the kitchen! 🙂

  • jenny s says:

    I would love to give this to my 4 year old niece for her bday in Oct! She is going to be a big sister soon and I think this would be very special for her.

  • Tracy J. says:

    I would give this to my daughter. She isn’t quite 2, and has recently started baking with me. And we both love it! Adorable kit!

  • Donna says:

    My first grandbaby is on the way. This little one will know Grandma’s kitchen too.
    Great prize, thank you

  • Stacy says:

    I’d give it to my daughter. I’ve been trying to get her interested in baking, but not having much luck!

  • Vicki Sukoloski says:

    I have twin granddaughters who are 5 years old. Every time we work on a cake, they get out their toys and bake right along with us. I think they would love something like this. I can see them smiling doing it now.
    Thanks for the chance..

  • Rebecca Burns says:

    I would give it my daughter. We could have a lot of fun using it together!

  • Julie McDonough says:

    I would give it to my grandson. We would have fun baking together.

  • Maria M King (Marisol Sol on FB) says:

    I would give it to my 3 yr old daughter Alice. . This way we can both prepare and bake at the same time as we both Learn how to bake. My Alice is an auditory learner just like me I can just imagine how much fun and joy to see her as she does her first treat with me. Also this gift would bring lots of joy and bondage between her and her older sister Lucy. Lucy loves to bake. Would be great to see Alice baking with her older sister and Alice using her Own Mini tools. This will be a great way for having her bond more with her older sister.

  • Natasha says:

    I would give it to my baby sister, Shalom. She will be one in a few days and loves to explore (and eat). It would be something for her to grow into and remember me when she uses it since I will be leaving for college in about a month.

  • Debbie Guest says:

    This would be awesome to bake with my granddaughters soon.

  • becky says:

    I would give this to my niece for her twin daughters! What fun!

  • husna says:

    If I could I would time travel and give this to my younger self. As that is not possible, I would gift this to my 3 year old cousin. She loves to eat the stuff I bake for her , it would amazing to get her involved in baking from such a young age!

  • Nancy says:

    I love to cook with my best friend as we see the recipes from this website and make it at home…..

  • Nancy says:

    I love to cook with my best friend and my sis…

  • Nancy says:

    I would give this to my sis surly becaz she is the one who always help me to bake..

  • Nancy says:

    I would have this to me myself becaz I need the baking things while baking

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