As promised, here is my entirely unorganized tutorial on how to make a banner.

You may remember these banners.



I had to make one more, for my little angel Audrey.

She is such a sweet baby.

She hardly ever crawls quietly over to the corner and gets into things she should not be getting into.


But I digress.

I start out by choosing a template. 

Colton was a triangle.  Parker was a square. 

Audrey is a flower petal round curvy thingy.

Then I choose what *fabric I am using, grab some scratch paper, and then all the crafty tools you would normally use when being crafty. 

Ya know.  Crafty stuff.


For Audrey's I wanted a font that was soft, romantic, and little girl princess like.

The font I ended up with could not be further from it.

I just printed off her name… I think it was 300 font size… on regular paper.


Now…this was the easiest way for me to do it.  You may know of much easier ways, in which case I wish you had called me three banners ago. 

I cut out the letter.


Put some glue on it.


Stuck it to the fabric.


Like this.  Then I just cut it out.


Remove the black paper letter and there you go!


I know this picture does not do it justice, but I covered my template in a soft, suede like paper.


I cut out a circle from a thick piece of pink felt.

Now we have everything we need to assemble our letter 'e' template!


Put some glue (I used fabric, but I think any kind will do) on the felt.


Viola! A pretty flower.  Now just grab that little ole 'e' and we're all done…


So??  That's easy enough right?  And its not terrible looking.  Lets see it next to the rest of the letters.


There is our 'e'!! 


And there is the final product.

*For my fabric, I just went to Walmart, picked out every single fabric I kinda liked, then bought one third (1/3) yard of it.  It usually ended up being less than a dollar.  This whole project was less than $10!

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Reader Comments

  1. Great idea! I am SO lacking in creativity, but your tutorial makes it seem like MAYBE even I could do it!
    Thanks for stopping by my site! And thanks for the heads up on not needing cereal. I was beginning to worry that the munchkin was trying for baby Atkins (you know – kids and their fads… ;)).

  2. Ack! Now YOU scared me with your craftiness! I find it super duper scary, yet motivating. How bout I run for you and you craft for me? Deal?

  3. Yes, I accept that deal! 

    Can I feed you cupcakes right before the race?  No?  What do you mean you cant eat cupcakes before the race?  What if I make them cute with a little Nike shoe on them or something?  What do you mean that doesnt make a difference.  It would be a super cute little motivational runner cupcake.  What do you mean that’s even more frosting… whats wrong with more frosting?  I know there’s a lot of sugar and hydrogenated corn syrup in frosting and maybe even some Red Dye 40 in the swoop… you mean that’s not good for you??



    I’ll just stick to crafting.


  4. I love the banners, Amanda!
    Just curious. Does writing love notes with the glue make the felt stick better? Cuz I used to apply ketchup and mustard to my kids’ sandwiches in heart-shapes, and I was always convinced that made them taste better. *grin*

  5. Ok, so, I was so completely going to make that same stinkin cupcake and bring it to your house and make you eat it. But then I got on here and while I shouldn’t be surprised at your confection perfections, you had already out cupcaked me.

  6. it’s 8am and i am planning on going to work out. i haven’t gone to the gym in 3 weeks since i’ve been so busy. just finishing some coffee, reading some blogs…getting pumped to go…and then i see that ham and swiss sandwich!!!! i guess my stomach saw it cause now it won’t stop pestering me! “EAT! EAT! EAT THAT! FEED ME!”. to which i say, “amanda doesn’t live here. you can’t have that sandwich.”
    now….off to finish my peach, banana, cherry, spinach smoothie (that seemed plenty satisfying until i saw something toasted in butter!)

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