I am going to do something I have never really done on my blog and most likely will never do again, and that is a beauty product review.

Why will I never do it again?  Well, lets just say I dont invest too much time and money into beauty products. 

Especially when I have a super pretty sister that does spend time on looking presentable for the world and she gives me wonderful and expensive gifts that totally blow my mind.  I think I will show you that tomorrow.  Seriously awesome.


Me doing a product review is sorta like me telling a guy… well, how to be a guy.  

But I picked up some nail polish at the store the other day and decided it was the neatest thing!  (It doesnt take much to impress me obviously)

I figured I'd share!



Now, I am normally a french pedicure kinda girl… so me just picking out a color  was a big leap outside the box.

But I was feeling compelled to try something new.

Not only did I love this color… but look at what neat little surprise they had in store for me.


Can ya tell yet?


Its a FLAT brush!  Genius! 

I am sure this has been around for ages and ages and I am just behind the trends (as always) but I couldnt resist sharing my excitement!

I'm so excited that I am going to do something that I swore to myself that I would NEVER do.


I dont like feet too much.  I really dont like seeing others peoples feet… but I am gonna give ya a quick glimpse of how this looks on. 

Feel free to outwardly cringe at the sight of my gigantic disproportionate and awkward feet.  


This MUST be a miracle product if they can make my man feet look somewhat presentable.

I'm a fan Miss Sally Hansen. 

Now go enjoy your holiday weekend.

A BIG thank you to our Veterans for all their courage and sacrifice.  You are appreciated!

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  1. I have of the three little girls’ feet and putting it on our living room wall but wondered if some one who didn’t like feet would find that totally repulsive.

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