Although I have decided to not officially start the kids on any curriculum this year, I have taken on the opinion that 'life' is school and that we can always be learning.

So when I came across these desks at the thrift store, I knew I could use them for the boys.

Picnik collage.bothdesksbefore

One was pretty banged up, the other pretty wobbly, both just boring.

Picnik collage.desk2b&a 

Uck!  Dirty and rusted and old smelling.

Picnik collage.desk1b&a 

Not bad.  Just not…inspiring.



I primed everything white.  I think if it were up to me I would paint all my furniture white.  Thank goodness its not all up to me.



My kids love to draw so I  dusted off (ok, so maybe it is sitting right on the counter because I use it at least once a week and am slightly obsessed with it) the chalkboard paint and added a canvas.


And after painting with the boys favorite colors, blue and green, and then adding some red and yellow for good measure, this is the final product.

Picnik collage.desk2after

Picnik collage.desk2final 


Picnik collage.beforeafterdesk2 


Picnik collage.desk2b&a


The kids have started enjoying them already.


Some might see this is an opportunity to practice penmanship or alphabet recognition.

Others might just see roads.


Total cost of the project was less then $30.

Having a separate desk for each of the boys, at different levels…



I took a moment

from my daily

tasks and

watched you.

In the smallest

detail you

take delight.

All that you


captures your



I learned

from you today.

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  1. That truly IS a wonderful thought Karen.. thank you for sharing that in uplifting us all…

  2. Awesome! Love them. The photo of them side by side in the room is so pottery-barn-esque…except for the price tag! Nice work!

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