Do you want to improve your blogging?  Do you want to write the best possible content and present it in the best possible way?

There is a website called Zemanta thats sole purpose is to make your blog better.  You download an easy and FREE program that adds a handy dandy tool bar right into your blogs compose page! 

I was a little skeptical at first, but it truly was free, easy, fast, and really does help! 

But my favorite part about it was this neat little button called 'REBLOG'.  Right from their site:

"ReBlog – Encourage your readers to spread the word!

Your readers love your content – but do they link to your posts? Make it easy for them to quote you with a single click of the ReBlog button. You'll get full attribution and a backlink."

Isn't that neat??  I can't tell you how many times I read great posts by you awesome bloggers and want to give you a shout out or a link back and just never get around to it because of the work involved. 

But now you can just click a button and your all set!  The original blogger gets full credit and you get some great content for your blog!

(Don't have a blog?  Zemanta has an option for professionals as well!)


And then there is this awesome search engine.

Search Me is a visual learners paradise.  It gives you a 'front page' of each link that matches your search instead of just the typed out link… how cool is that??  You must go and do a search for your blog… go ahead, stalk yourself!

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  1. I’m going to make your Garbage Cookies with my grown daughter’s cookie bake weekend. I would like to add in A LOT of extras. How many extras are ” just enough” and what amount of each, 1/2 Cup? Thank you in advance. I really enjoy your IG post, blog and website!

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