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      As we move into year three of homeschooling I have noticed that the need for more organized book storage is a must.  Since the end of the school year (technically) is soon upon us, I thought I would get the organizing creative juices flowing.  Its this is mom’s summertime project!


      Great Ideas for Book Storage!

       Image on the left:


      Quick and Easy Childrens Book Storage from Domestic Simplicity

      Image on the right:

      Storage Solution: Childrens Books from On the Banks of Squaw Creek

      Both if these creative mama’s used Ikea Spice Racks ($4) to create a fun and accessible place for books.


      Wire Basket Book Storage

      Image from Whatever, Other Photos 

      I am a sucker for vintage looking wire baskets.  Love the idea of this for easy accessibility.. daily reading assignments… or books on the reading list.  Plus Meg from Whatever makes everything look beautiful… wonder if she could just come over and design my homeschool room for me???


      Books Make a Home

      Image from Country-Days (from the Editor of Country Homes), Beautiful Book Storage

      Ok, ok.  So there is no way this would ever happen in our cookie cutter home… but wow.  A girl can dream right?


      Open Book Storage

      Image from Land of Nod, Grey Open Book Bin 

      On the floor open book storage is great for little ones!


      Book Storage Solutions

      Image from Best Priced Toys, Four Sided Library Display

      The possibilities this piece has are vast!  I can see options for each child, being able to prioritize reading, and general design prettiness! 🙂


      IKEA Book Storage

      Image from Cargo Collective, IKEA Expedit Bookshelf

      Love how versatile these bookshelves from IKEA are… you can so easily make “hidden” storage.  I know that I often have many tall workbooks, so having a way to store hardcover books along side workbooks is a great!


      Book Storage Solutions

      Image from The Decluttering Project, Decluttering Books

      While I adore all the solutions above, being practical is what works best.  Never underestimate the beauty of a stack of books on a desk.  Or side table.  Or on top of a shelf or the floor.  Use what you have to make functional beauty!

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    • Love this post! I am always looking for new shelving ideas for our any books. 🙂

    • Love the storage ideas.

    • Nice post I always like seeing storage ideas. I love the draws with the Ikea spice racks on the side it looks great. I actually do have one of those big Ikea Expedit systems which works great – books up top and baskets with legos and puzzles at bottom. I also have one of the Ikea plate racks in my craft room and have some of my cookbooks on display 🙂

    • I was just searching google for storage of all these books, and one of my favorite dessert blog pops up! These are some great storage ideas! Thank you!

    • These are all so lovely and creative ideas! I just moved to a new place and the most important task for me is to organize the storage spaces and to find the right place for my books. Love all the suggestions and definitely will have one at home. Thank you for this great post!

    • Don't Pass on Dessert!