I have been contemplating pumping my milk.  Nursing is something that has always come easy to me…and I don't take that lightly!  I have relatives and friends who were unable to nurse for various reasons.  I had a hard time identifying with them, but was heartbroken for them, and what they and their babies were missing.

So I figured, hey, I will just pump and give it away!  But its not quite as easy as all that.  In my research I did come across a website called MilkShare.  They put you in contact with real moms and families with a need for breast milk. 

The other option I am considering is donating to local hospitals who use breast milk in their NICU.  I need to do more research on that one, as I doubt I can just show up at the hospital with milk in tow.

I haven't come across any reasons not to do this as of yet…

…but I am still new in my research.

I need to know, what do you think?

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  1. I donated milk for 5 months after having my son. I used the company that was shown on the Oprah show many, many years ago (I haven no idea why I remembered it). I used http://www.breastmilkproject.org/ It gives 20% to orphaned babies in Africa too.
    Good luck, it was very rewarding for me.

  2. First all your little one is beautiful. Love those blue eyes, and thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog. Next my friend has adopted nine children and the last child really needed to have breast milk for some reason can’t remember all the details she had many mom’s donated bm to her. You should check out her blog she is an amazing child of God. You can email her and she will tell you all about it she is wonderful. Here is her blog http://hishandshisfeettoday.blogspot.com/ Tell her that Josie sent you on over. Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Hey there! Thanks for contacting me about this! Yes… “Baby I” has been on breastmilk for about 6 months and it’s made a HUGE difference. He was born with a cleft lip, palate and had a massive stroke after birth… however God is doing amazing things in this life and he is exceeding all expectations. I have no doubt that breastmilk has played a part in that!
    Feel free to email me at hishandshisfeettoday@gmail.com
    PS… yes, milkshare is a great way to go! 🙂

  4. I think it’s fantastic. I had preemie twins almost 27 years ago in England. We lost one within 4 hours (they were 27 weeks) and the other one was whisked away to Oxford to the John Ratcliff Hospital which had one of the leading Neonatal units in the WORLD at the time (talk about providence!). I had no milk and my baby NEEDED breast milk! They had a donor bank and my son received breast mild for awhile from that supply and I was so grateful.
    My daughter is a dietitian and she still nurses her almost 2 year old. She has been a big advocate for breast feeding – fed both her boys that way as well. So I think the idea is fantastic and I hope you are able to find an organization that will work with you without too much “red tape” to provide this “liquid gold” for those who need it so desperately!

  5. I think that would be wonderful! I thought about doing that with Spunky, but I didn’t produce nearly as much milk with her as I did with Punky. I hope you are able to find a way to do it. Best wishes!

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