• Calling All Bakers! UPDATED~ YOU DID IT!!

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    This is really hard for me to do… I really, really don’t like asking for help. But I feel like I need to suck up my own pride and whatever issues are holding me back and reach out to you.

    I recently posted that I was going to give away 10 dozen cookies. I planned on getting nominations for deserving folks who could use a little pick-me-up! Five families (or individuals) would each win two dozen cookies based on the nomination of a friend or loved one.

    You can read the original post here.

    I received over 165 nominations, and once I saw that I had to shut down the contest. I just could not read one more request without my heart breaking!

    I was at a loss. Every single one of the people nominated deserved a special treat! Every single comment brought a tear to my eye and tugged at my heart. The thought of picking just five made me crazy with dread.


    This is where you come in.

    I want to ask something big of you.

    Would YOU be willing to make a special treat for a total stranger?

    It sounds insane. I cant even believe I am asking! But I have been so inspired and touched and supported in this community… by you… I knew I needed to at least try.

    Here is what I am thinking… I will match you up with one nominee (the comment, name, and address) and you can make them the cookie of your choice. This is asking a lot because in addition to baking cookies, I would be asking you to ship them. I am sorry! But if you can fit them in a medium box from your local post office it can be a little as $10 total.

    Just in case you were wondering why I am so emotional and desperate to do this, here are a few examples of the comments: (read them all here)

    From Lora

    I would nominate a family in our church whose 5 year old son, Owen, is battling leukemia. It’s been a long road for them (since August) and they could definitely use a pick me up! They also have 3 other children under the age of 10 (Owen is 5)

    From Joanna

    My best friend from childhood lost her little and only sister Saturday night in a tragic car accident. She was 22, two weeks shy of her 23rd birthday. Amber was full of life, and lived each day to the fullest extent. Always wearing a smile, her laughter was infectious. Since they live cities apart the last time my best friend saw her sister was at Christmas. Being a big sister myself, my breath gets caught at the idea of losing my sister. I don’t know of a single person who will need a bigger reason to smile in the coming weeks than my best friend.

    From Liz

    I would send cookies to my oldest friend Tiffany. Her brother is in hospice care and at the end of his life and she is shouldering the burden of comforting her mother and mothering three children of her own while feeling unable to truly process the loss she is facing herself.

    From Joy

    I would love to send some cookies to my daughter’s boyfriend when he returns (safe and sound!) from a year on the front line in Afghanistan. We are grateful for his service and what better way to show it than with cookies!

    From Shannon

    The first person that came to my mind was Chad. I can’t think of anyone that needs a smile added to his day more than he does. I don’t know him at all, but his blog is: http://sadandchara.blogspot.com Just to warn you it is a heartbreaking story, but so awesome reading about Chads faith in God seeing him through this difficult time.

    From Janis

    I would love to send some cookies to my SIL Noelle – she was 22 weeks pregnant and lost her little boy on Friday – her and her kids and family would love some sweet love! 🙂

    From Casey

    My cousin passed away last week after a short battle with cancer, he was only 41. He leaves behind a loving wife and 6 children…the youngest being 3 years old. They were all so brave at the funeral this past weekend. I would love for you to be able to brighten their day with some cookies.

    And the list goes on…

    So. After subtracting the five that I will do and others being covered from anonymous gifters, I have… gulp… 146 spots left to fill.

    One Hundred Forty Six people needed to come forward and lend a hand.

    Can you be one? Will you be one? I know it is asking a lot. I wish I could give you the world for even considering it!

    What I can offer is a public thanks. If you have a blog or facebook or twitter you can just sign up with Mr. Linky. If not, you can just leave a comment letting me know you would be willing to donate two dozen cookies.

    I will contact you with all the details!

    Now, if you cannot make and ship cookies, but would still like to help, please know you can! You can send someone a cheerful greeting card with a small gift card inside, or a anonymous note sharing a message of joy, or a copy of your favorite uplifting book, or even flowers!

    I would be SO appreciative! Anything would help… any amount… any thoughtful gesture.


    I hope you will consider being a part of this.

    YOU DID IT GUYS!! As of right now a mere FOUR HOURS into it, ALL of the nominee’s have been accounted for!! Every single deserving one will be matched up and assigned this coming week… I am just FLOORED by your generosity and kindness!! I have cried many a tear this morning in awe of YOU! THANK YOU!! 


    More details to follow. Expect an email from me this week!



    This is beyond moving. I would love to help you! I can do special stuff for food allergies too.
    Sarena at creativecannonball dot com

    I would absolutely love to bake for someone that was in need of a pick me up. Please let me know who and I will get them some baked goodness stat. xoxo

    Sign me up! I would love to help 🙂

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