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    Congratulations to comment #823 Marie


    I have been blogging for about seven years now.
    I started when I was first pregnant with my oldest child, who will be seven in a few months.


    my little Colton at three years old

    Not really knowing my identity or who I was outside or being a mom, I called my blog, i am mommy.
    Soon after the term “mommy blogger” was born (which had nothing to do with me I am sure!) but I embraced it with full force! I love blogging about my kids and sharing the ups and downs of parenting.
    For years I have written about being a working mom, and stay at home mom, and a crazy-tired-irritated-blessed-overweight-confused-grateful mom.
    One of the things that I have loved sharing the most about raising four kids is pictures.
    Pictures of kids make me happy.
    In honor of my blog re-launch I am so excited to share a special giveaway… something I hope that you will also love.
    A brand new Canon Powershot camera!

    You will get to pick your favorite color as well.

    More specifically, the Canon Powershot A2200 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom (Black) Premier Bundle Package!

    Say that three times fast.

    The Premiere Bundle Includes Camera , 8 GB Memory Card, Card Reader, Battery, Carrying Case, Mini Tripod, & More.

    I don’t know about you, but for me all inclusive is the way to go. I cant tell you how many times I have made multiple trips to the store in one day because I have forgotten something!

    Such is the life of a scatterbrained mommy.

    With this amazing Canon package, you can open the box and have everything you need at your fingertips!
    And then you can take a picture of your kids stomping on the bubble wrap.
    At least, that’s what my kids would be doing!
    To be entered to win the Canon Powershot A2200 all you need to do is:

    Leave a comment telling me what you would like to take a picture of. Please leave a valid email address!
    For an additional entries:
    You can tweet “I want to win a Canon Powershot Premier Bundle from @iambakertweets http://su.pr/2lQDNW  ”

    For an addition entry you can “like” iambaker on facebook.  If you already do (thank you!) just leave a separate comment letting me know.

    This giveaway is open from November 7th through November 21st.

    It is open to residents of the United States.

    I was in no way compensated for these products.

    See official rules here.

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    I already like you on Facebook 🙂

    I would love to take more pictures of my kids. It’s so nice to have a camera to slip in my purse-diaper bag. What? Not everyone hyphenates those two words. 🙂

    I follow on FB

    I would love to take pics of my kids

    I want to take pictures of my godchild/niece and nephew! They are the sweetest little ones on the planet, and I get to spend Christmas with them this year!! (We live across the country from each other, so it is a special year!)

    I already follow you on Facebook.

    I would love to take a picture of my best friends when they least expect it 🙂

    I am a wanna be, learning to be photographer, flowers, scenetry and anything that gets in my way, although my girls are grown and gone I have a k-zillion pictures of them, but now really want to concentrate on learning the ins and outs of the total process. I am new to the blogging also… Lots of time on my hands



    If I should happen to win the camera, I will be taking taking pics of my neice so that I may make a scrap book to give to her at Confirmation. She has asked me to be her sponsor (and I am so honored). We do not own a digital camera, I know, I know, we have a film camer (analog) but I know it just not the same. It would be so much easier to be able to do capture the images digitally and maybe use a program to add background, writing, etc to the picture to make it special. I would not be able to do all of that with an analog camera. I want to give her an album and to be able to take the images and maybe enhance them, add backgrounds, text, etc woud be so nice. To be able to personalize the photo album would mean a lot. And I could also give her a cd with the pics with music background. I could pick out a song that means a lot to us. Anyway, that is what I would be doing besides taking all the pics of the seasons, family events, friends, just everything so that we can go back and reminisce. Thank you.

    I would take hundreds, no thousands, wait wait, no millions of my grandbabies. I have never been more blessed than when they were born. I love them so unconditionally, and with abandon. I would give my life for these children that God has so blessed me with. Our legacy continues. I would love to showcase their lives with photos for them to be able to remember my love for them.

    I would take my girlies to the beach and take numerous pictures of them. PS… LOVE your new website design. It’s beautiful!

    I liked you on Facebook!

    I would take more pictures of my kids, and my frosted creations!! ;o)

    I *like* IamBaker on FB!!

    One of my 12 grandchildren! My camera is slooooow! Would be fun to snap fast!

    I would like to take a picture of my sweet 6 month old granddaughter and her 2 year old brother. I have yet to be able to see my granddaughter in person (I can’t fly right now), so I know that the first time I see her, multitudes of pictures will be taken!

    I “like” you on FB.

    I would take pics of my family during the holidays

    Photos of Rocky Mountain National Park

    My niece and nephews are precious. I would try to capture their joys and innocence

    I take lots of pictures of my own little sweet one. She’ll be turning one in a few days – it happened too fast!

    I would take more pictures of my great kids! They light up my life!

    I want to take pictures of my lovely, now sweet 16, daughter!

    I would take pictures of my family

    I have 10 grandkids………….I can NEVER have enough pictures of them!

    Don't Pass on Dessert!