*I got all 20 spots filled… so be sure to check back on December 9th for voting!!

I love cute kids.

I love looking at cute kids.


And I get the feeling you do to.

Here's the thing…  I want to see more cute kids.  Your cute kids to be exact.

So I have decided to host a Cute Kid Contest.

Here's how it works. 

You email me one picture of your cute kid (lets keep this contest open to only parents and grandparents) and I will enter you in the contest.  I will be accepting 20 pictures total, and its first come first serve.

On Wed. December 9th, I will put up the 20 (or 2 or 7 or however many enter) pictures and you will get to vote. 

You can leave it to chance or you can blog about it and ask all your readers to vote or you can email all your relatives and ask them to click next to their favorite grandchilds/nieces/nephews/cousins picture.  (It will be one vote per IP address.)

If you win, not only can you claim bragging rights and say that you have the actual cutest kid, but you can win this…

The 30th Anniversary McDonalds Happy Meal Beanie Babies collection.  (The link is just an example, not the actual one I have sitting in my living room)  Here it is listed at about $65.00, but I have seen them go as high as $250.00.  I guess it just depends on how much you like beanie babies!

So here is the breakdown.  Email me ONE picture of the cutest kid you know.  Stop by on December 9th and vote. Win big prizes!

Sounds easy to me!  Here is my email: manda2177@aol.com. Please put Cute Kid in the subject line.

Remember!  It is first come first serve!


Thats a cute kid right? 😉

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Reader Comments

  1. Can’t wait to send my photo tomorrow morning. Have to boot up the laptop to get the right one. Then it will be on its way.
    Is there an age limit on the children?

  2. Great idea for a contest! I just sent a pic of my cutie, and a pic of my first attempt at a rainbow cake!!
    Melanie Powell

  3. My cute kid is in your mailbox right now….well, her picture is at least..I hope she isn’t actually in your mailbox. She is small for her age, but that’s a little TOO small…well, unless you have an unusually large mailbox….

  4. she is on her way … though she is traveling via dial-up so it will take her longer then the average cutest kid. 🙂

  5. Those kids are beautiful! I love how you capture their eyes! I so wish I could enter the contest, but I think you’ll have all 20 filled up by the time I’m able to send you my picture.
    Have an awesome day! I hope you enjoy viewing all them babies!!

  6. your kids have the prettiest, BLUEST eyes! I’m beginning to think the little princess looks like your hubby.

  7. Good thing your kids are so cute! I love how much you love kids. You make me smile, sweet lady. Have a great day.

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