I have found my dream home.  Have you seen it?  Click here for a few pictures.  But wait! 

Don't click quite yet.  Look at it first.  Let the beauty of these rooms re-settle into your brain.

OK.  You can click now.




This room is a bit busy for me, but those bookshelves, and that fireplace, and those french doors, big, lusciously white hydrangeas… ah… its truly a fantasy.

Whats your dream home look like?

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Reader Comments

  1. Those sure are beautiful rooms! But I will say this…don’t ever go with white woodwork as long as you have little people in your home. Our first home was a condo with white woodwork, and it was ALWAYS needing to be cleaned. If you are reading the newspaper and reach for a cup from the cupboard, I guarantee black smudges on that beautiful woodwork. Next to the stove, the cupboards will always show the grease spatters, unless you wipe them every time you cook! Do I sound experienced or what? I do so appreciate the brightness that white brings, but after living with it for five years, I would not do it again.
    Which brings me to my dream home. Believe it or not, I am living in it! The house is a small three bedroom rambler, but it has large windows, a formal dining room, a formal living room, a large backyard, an unremodeled kitchen (no oak woodwork). Well, this house has it all, plus a sunroom! We have remodeled the kitchen with warm honey-colored birch, put in the same color flooring. I never expected to have such a beautiful home. We are so blessed.
    And, as my husband always says, what if we lost it all? We would still be home where ever we are, for home is not a place but a frame of mind. I agree.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for the comment on my photo blog {Shine} – I have no idea why my link is to last weeks photo, I think the computer did that by itself! bummer.
    I LOVE that dream house – I think we have the exact same taste! We will be moving in a year or so and I am going to try to find that (type of) house!!
    Where in MN are you? I went to the U of MN and lived in Mpls, St. Paul & Eden Prairie.

  3. I love the kitchen…would love to have that much workspace….of course knowing me I would just find “stuff” to put all over the counters there too! 🙂 lol
    Hope you have a great day!

  4. I knew those photos looked familiar. 🙂
    I think I am going to try to be content with what I have right now. Dare I say, a dream house. I am so content with where we have just moved that I can’t even try to imagine something else right now. But I have to say that home really is beautiful.

  5. Me too! Actually, not really. Cleaning and keep things neat is NOT my strong suit. So, while I love the pictures and the beauty that house is, I would not want to keep it clean. : )
    My personal dream house includes: two living spaces (one to live in, one to school in), a rather large kitchen so that when I entertain there is room for all the guest to be in there with me, more than one bathroom, closets, a big covered front porch, and a big backyard with trees and plenty of sunshine areas for my gardens!
    Our current home has, one small living space, one small kitchen, one small bathroom, and small closets. It does have a huge covered front porch that I am in love with…even if it is green. (We’re working on that.)
    But for now, its home! And I am blessed.

  6. I love the bookshelves like that.
    My dream house in my head has a wrap around porch. That’s always been something I’d love.
    have a good day!

  7. That house looks like children have never stepped foot in it!! My children would have all the books flung off the bookcases & would be using them as ladders….
    My dream house is a big cedar home with a huge window-filled prow on the front so we can fully appreciate our awesome mountain view, large open kitchen, lots of storage, and a large basement for all the wild little ones.

  8. Well first off, the white would have to go! I just am not that into cleaning! LOL Actually it’s my weakness (I don’t do it well).
    Ok my dream house…at least a 5 bedroom. I’d love to have a nice cozy sitting room, so we can have bible study together, invite friends over to sit and talk, play board games in the room…so I’d want comfortable seating in there with a soft but large ottoman (kind of like what’s in the picture in the living room actually). Built in shelves would be amazing and a fire place. Then the family room/living room would have a fire place, shelves on either side of it. Large kitchen, lots of cabinets and a ton of counter space, room to move around in and have multiple people in without feeling crowded. I’d like my kitchen to be open to my dining room.
    A homeschool room, that had built in bookshelves from floor to ceiling on two walls two “empty” walls to hang art work the kids did up, with storage on the lower half of those walls to place their previous school work in totes in, art supplies, etc. I would want an office/craft room for my scrapbooking.
    Bathrooms, I’d like 3 1/2 baths….master bath in our room of course, a bathroom for the boys, one for the girls and a 1/2 bath for company. I also want a basement that has various things for our family to enjoy…a fooshball table, those sorts of things. I also would love a nice sized yard and for it to be out in the country so we can have some cattle, horses, and any other animals we desired and of course a huge garden! Ok so this went beyond the dream house and into our dream HOME!! 🙂 One day if God wants us to have this.

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