Easy Cake Idea and a Giveaway

filed under: Miscellaneous on March 4, 2011

I would love to offer you the most fabulous prize…


A cake!

Well, not this cake. But a cake that you can make covered in Pillsbury frosting! (and many more cake related prizes)

And thats not all…you can also win a Flip Camera!

If you would like to win just hop on over to my other blog and leave a comment. Its just that easy!

But whatever you do , do NOT watch the video I made of me frosting this cake.

For three reasons:

1. I only got one take so I got nervous and said "easy" twenty seven times.

2. I am nine months pregnant and look like a beached whale standing in a kitchen. Seriously, where is my neck? Not to mention I should have cleaned my kitchen.

3. I now understand what stage makeup is for. Heck, even just regular makeup would have been beneficial.

Dont judge.

Ok. Judge.

But laugh quietly and away from your computer screen so my feelings dont get hurt.