Have you noticed how infrequently I have been blogging lately?

Its because I'm in a funk.  A crabby, quick to get angry, totally misinterpreting everything everyone is saying, reading into things, and being completely overly sensitive funk.

Blogging has been hard.  Mostly because when I blog, I like to talk about positive things and talk kindly about people and generally avoid strife, gossip, anger, and turmoil.

It is exactly those things that have been ruling my feelings as of late.

So, please forgive me.  I might be whining a bit.  I might say something that, upon reflection, I could have kept to myself. 

I might want to be able to portray myself as being a lot more together and with it then I really am.

I do not have it all together.  I am not with it.  I am barely keeping my head a float.

The most difficult thing about being in a funk is my relationship with Jesus.

I can open my Bible and feel the grace and mercy of God and instantly be at peace.  I can read the words of Our Savior…

"… and you are complete in Him…" (Colossians 2:10)


"But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me…" (2 Timothy 4:17)

and just feel it.

But when I am in a funk, my Bible sits. 

On the table.  On my dresser.  Near the computer. 


Why is that?

Instead of intentional parenting, I just snap at my kids and husband and ignore emails in my in box and let the laundry pile up and twitter something I probably shouldn't that I cant ever take back. 

Or I see other people being happy and instead of joining in or being happy for them, I am resentful and annoyed and wish they would take their happiness somewhere else.

I am Eeyore.

Have you ever heard Eeyore's song?

"Well, hello today its so nice of you to notice me.  Looks like rain wait and see.  Likely rain all over me.  Guess that's just the way that it has to be here in my gloomy place."

I am sick of myself.

So.  Here is my plan.  I am going to blog about this, and then let it go.  I refuse to be crabby and gloomy and difficult for one more second.

I am going to read my Bible and take a bubble bath and fold some laundry and give my family the biggest and longest hugs they will allow and then go send someone a nice card and I am going to choose joy.

I'll let ya know how it works out.

In the mean time… what do you do to snap yourself out of a funk?

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Reader Comments

  1. thank you for this post. I’ve been feeling eerily similar as of late. Didn’t help that someone I hadn’t heard from since high school contacted me and she is a singer/performer in Nashville doing all sorts of cool stuff. Yeah, comparing that to my dead end job didn’t help things….
    Last night I woke up totally stressed out in the middle of the night. that is not the way to live. I’m going to have to cut back on some things and focus on what I really enjoy. Hope you can do the same.
    Oh, and we love you “warts and all”!!!!!! I love honest posts like this. I get very leary of bloggers who are all sunshine and roses all the time – like that is their reality…..riiiiiigggghhhhhtttttt!! I’d rather read blogs written by “real” people, which is why I love yours!

  2. I’m sorry you have been in a funk. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re only human. Usually when I find myself in a funk I let my husband know (so he’ll be easy on me if I get b****y, lol) and he’ll usually do or say something that will help me snap out of it. Or my daughter will. She’s very good anti-funk medicine. lol

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