Set Your Sails for Joy-Swindoll

Praise God! I heard such a wonderful message this morning.

And then I looked outside and saw that our plum trees are finally coming into bloom!  Last year they didn’t at all due to a weird cold snap, but this year, well this year I am praying for a FULL bloom and LOTS of fragrant flowers!!


I also got the boys a fun new pool today.  Its really beautiful outside, but the wind just picked up a tad, so even though we got it all set up, we might not be able to use it for awhile!  Oh well.


(Gift #1 sees a bug and is very concerned that I get it immediately!) 

I was really down in the dumps last night about, well, just everything.  Everything and nothing.  Just feeling sorry for myself and for all my circumstances and for considering myself a good Christian but being persecuted for no reason… and why oh why and poor me.

And it dawned on me… I am suffering in the sin of Pride!!!!  As soon as that thought came into my noggin, its like the cloudy skies cleared up and the Light of God just poured down on me!  I have been so stuck in myself for the last 2 months, oh I am feeling sick, or oh I am feeling sad, or oh why doesn’t anyone care about what I want, or why don’t others consider my feelings and whats best for my family ever?  Why is it all about them all the time????

Then its like God said, "Snap Out of It My Child!" (I love when He calls me His child)

And from that moment, my prayers were more focused and clear.  And I was able to see how my misconception of life’s events have clouded my Biblical judgment.

Now, of course I have to do damage control and ask for forgiveness in some circumstances.  God just showed my where the ladder was to climb out of my pit… but He also let me know that I had to build each step out with faith, with knowledge in the Word, with humility, and with grace.  But praise Him, seeing a way out is SO exciting!

So that led me to hearing, fist thing this morning, the wonderful message from Chuck Swindoll about choosing joy.  And that has been my choice today. 

I choose joy.

I pray that you do to.



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Reader Comments

  1. I call them my “ouch” moments when I’m down and I either read something in the Bible or the Lord reminds me of all the wonderful things he’s done or how really good I have it and then I have to say “ouch Lord, yep, you are right, so sorry” and confess and move on to the next time it happens (which it will as we all know)
    you are doing great in your walk; we all have moments and times like you described

  2. It’s such a wonderful blessing to be in fellowship with the Spirit. He knows us and redirects us into God’s will. He equips us to grow in His grace. Spring is such a wonderful pictue of the renewal God does in us! May your heart’s garden be FULL of fragrant blossoms and delicious Fruit of the Spirit!(and your yard too)
    P.S. White vinager is a great way to keep play pool water free of yucky organisms, without using bleach on your gifts’ delicate skin.
    Love in Christ,

  3. So glad you are feeling better—you’re almost done with the first trimester! 🙂 Praise God that everything has gone well so far! 🙂
    I love the pool. I would love to get somethign like that for Rebekah but our yard is just too small….She so loves the water!
    God Bless

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