Wow!!  You guys rock!!  When I left my house this morning there was 10 votes… now there are almost double that! 


I was trying to figure out the details of another giveaway, but thanks to your awesomeness, I gotta kick it up a notch…and quick!!


(All of the voting is in LIVE time)

Here goes… the first person to email me ( with a screen shot or a picture of the 25th vote will win $25.

~Matt was the first person to email me, at 3:51 pm, and wins the $25 prize!

The first person to email me ( with a screen shot or a picture of the 50th vote will win $50.

~Layne was the first person to email me at 1:28 pm (9-6-09) Layne wins $50

The first person to email me with a screen shot or a picture of the 75th vote will win $75.

The first person to email me with a screen shot or a picture of the 100th vote will win $100.

That totals $250, which is the amount I would win if, in fact, I did win the award.

I could never win without you… so why not share the prize??

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Reader Comments

  1. Too the anonymous commenter who has taken offense with my blog, I would love to respond to you and your words, but you are ANONYMOUS. Therefor, if you cannot back up your words by stating them with a name, I will not be posting your comments.
    And as far as threatening me and stalking me, well, thanks for the attention!

  2. Maybe you need to look up the definition of “stalking” because I am not doing anything of the sort. I may be stealthy in wanting to remain anonymous, but I do not view you as “prey”.
    Also in the 1st sentence of your comment, and the last sentence of this blog post you incorrectly use the word “too”. It should be “to” in both circumstances.
    And as far as your blog goes, I find many many of your posts highly entertaining. I have experienced many of the same things with my own child. What I take offense to is the fact don’t think your blog can win a contest on its own, so you need to “bribe” people to vote for you. I view that as an extremely dishonest action and for someone who blogs about being “A Child of God” I would expect better of.
    If a name helps you, it is Jesse.

  3. Well, thanks for the grammar lesson and the insight as to who I should strive to be spiritually.
    Although you disagree with my choice to giveaway money to my readers, that does not mean its wrong.  I would never do ANYTHING that violates specific rules or regulations and I have not done so in this case. (and if I did, I would post an apology and remove my contest immediately!)
    I know that I cannot win (and most likely WONT win) the Divine Caroline contest without my readers voting.  That means that we are ‘in it’ together.  If I want to find a way to reward faithful readers and even gain some new ones, that is my choice. 🙂
    And to be honest with you “Jesse” I never had ANY intention of winning this contest… I only have a hundred readers TOTAL on my blog… but I would love to branch out and invite others to get to know me better.
    Most of the time, its just my mom reading me anyway. Mine is a little tiny personal blog that hardly anyone reads and most people don’t really care about!
    I am sorry that I have offended you… and that you have decided to take it upon yourself to put me in my place.
    That is never a fun place to be!
    I pray God blesses you and that YOU win your category!
    God bless-

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