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I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling a bit helpless lately.

There is so much despair and tragedy and turmoil going on around the world.  People who need help.

Some are far away and some a closer then we know.

What can I do about it?


Last night I wanted an episode of Secret Millionaire.  Its a neat premise… a millionaire goes ‘undercover’ as a volunteer and sees first hand the true hero’s of this nation.  Then (I think its their choice but I don’t know) they are able to donate money to those charities and people that impacted them the most.

Now, I can’t hand someone a check for $40,000.  But I can evaluate what my gifts are and choose to share those as often as people will allow me.


I decided this.

Over the course of the next three months, I will be giving away 10 dozen cookies.  Two dozen to five separate winners.

Winners you say?  Just who are these winners?

You.  Your friends.  Your family.  A stranger that you know needs to experience some joy.

How do you enter?



Just leave a comment nominating someone you know (and please, feel free to talk about yourself!  You might be your own best advocate here!) who could use a little tiny spot of sunshine in their day.

Do you know someone who is dealing with health issues?  Who lost a loved one?  Who has been out of work?  Who is raising their kids on their own?  Who has had the flu for two weeks?  Whose child has a birthday coming up?  Who always brings your garbage up for you on garbage day?  Who brings so much joy and happiness to others that you want them to experience a little of their own?

I will be choosing five people to receive two dozen free personalized cookies.  You can choose something from my cookie gallery or we can come up with  a truly individualized gift for that special someone.  I will cover materials, time, and shipping.

The only thing I need from you is someone to share it with.

Now.  Its just cookies.  I know that.  I wish I could do more… give more.  For now, I am hoping that someone receiving a delicious and personalized treat in the mail will be a well deserved moment of bliss.  That they will feel special.

And appreciated.

And loved.



I cant do this alone!  I need your help.

I will keep the comments open for about one week, depending on the amount of entries.

Please, only one entry per person.  Entries limited to US delivery only.


Due to there being so many awesome and heartfelt and inspirational nominations, I am going to close the comments an little earlier then expected.  I was silly to think there would only be a few of you leaving comments… every one of you is beyond generous and thoughtful!

I will be posting winners probably next week, as I really need some time to pray over and process these requests.  You all have humbled me beyond words with your giving hearts!  Thank you!



  • Rebekah Stoltzfus says:

    This is a great idea Amanda! The person that comes to my mind to nominate is my dad, Tim. His father passed away last October after a long and hard fight with a cancerous brain tumor. He was given about a year to live but died 2 months after the tumor was found.Then, just this month, his Mom was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Just 5 days later she was dead also. So I think these cookies would brighten his day!

  • Amy Hinish says:

    My FIL has polio and the older he gets the worse he feels. I would love to brighten his day with these and the kids would love to share them with grandpa!

  • Tonya says:

    My dad!
    Oh my gosh, what a rough week! In short: last week he was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, which led to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and lack of oxygen was making doctors tell us he had a 1% chance of coming back to us.
    Some were pushing to take him off the feeding tube, because he was in a coma with a great chance of severe brain damage, but TODAY HE WOKE UP!!!
    It is such an answer to prayer!!!!!!

  • Nicole J. says:

    I would share these with my daughter’s nanny Shannon. She has been through everything with us, and may not realize how much she is loved and cherished as a part of our family. She’s been through the colic, the ridiculous teething, the boo boos, and through it all she treats our daughter as if she was her own. That means so much to me as a working mother – who seems to be everything to everyone, with little time for much else. Shannon is the part of myself that I want my daughter to know is real, loving, and downright awesome.

  • Robin says:

    I would like to nominate my mom. My sister passed away 2 months ago and she is having a very hard time. My sister was 31 and the baby of the family. She had been on dialysis for almost 11 yrs and had many other problems. She was the heart of our family. I know my mom could use a little sunshine at this time. Thank you for spreading joy. I will come up with a way that my girls and I can do something small for others as well.

  • JP says:

    Oh, what a terrific idea. The person I would like to nominate is our son, Teen. He is a great kid. He is a great big brother and mentor for young Christians at our church and in our community. However, sometimes, a lot of times, his teenager-ness blocks out his greatness at home. Not to mention his little brother who tends to steal the spotlight and demand a bigger portion of our attention just because of his age. I just want him to know that he is great and that he is loved and that he is appreciated, because even though we tell him, I fear it isn’t often enough. He is a cookie fan, and I know that some encouraging words made of frosting would lift his spirits and let him know that we DO know and appreciate all those wonderful things about him.

  • Kim says:

    I would send them to my husband. He has been by my side the past three years while I fought Leukemia twice, and a unbilical cord transplant. He has taken care of me and our three children, all while still working and dealing with a mold issue that forced us our of our house while we were dealing with my health issues. I see that he is stressed and overwhelmed, and could use a little suprise likt this to brighten his day.

  • Kristin Kunoff says:

    I would love to nominate my Uncle Ross. He was recently informed that his teaching contract would not be renewed for next year. God has been faithful to let him know that He is in control, however, he could use some encouragement=) Thanks Amanda!

  • Kendra Mroz says:

    I would like to nominate my boss, Chuck Russell. He teaches autistic young adults ages 14 -20. He is the most caring person I know. These are his kids, not just students. A few years ago his wife died of cancer. He barely took any time for himself to recover because he felt the kids needed the consistency of a normal schedule. Chuck coaches special olympics and gives up his evening and weekends as a volunteer.

  • Jazzmin says:

    While there is a huge list of people that I care about that I think deserves a little sunshine in their lives; I would have to nominate my Mother. She is always giving and never asks for anything in return. She takes care of my father, my three grown brothers, other people in the house, and is a full time Mother to my nephew. She is always cooking, cleaning, and never has time to rest. She also squeezes time in to worry about me and what is going on the the world today. She never gets to rest or relax. I think this would make her day.

  • melanie says:

    Awesome Idea!! I would love to nominate my mom. She is fostering my youngest sisters 6 children ages 14-2 while my sister is trying to get her life together. Mom works full time and does not get a break ever as she is raising my neices and nephews. She a wonderful role model to the kids and provides them with the safety and security that they need right now. My mom is truly the most selfless person I know.

  • darcie says:

    You are SUCH a giving person…even with a full plate of your own…
    What a blessing you are –

  • Laurie says:

    I would love for my Fiance, Andrew, to get some cookies! We got engaged last Friday and he made everything so very special for me. I know he’s really stressed right now because of school and trying to find a new job to better provide for our future. Also, he is in the Marine Corps and next March he will be gone for a year long deployment. My parents want us to wait to get married until December, which he has done his best to accept, even though it will only leave us three months of wedded bliss before shipping out. He has handled everything with a good attitude and a reliance on God. He has been my strength and laughter and I adore him. He has a lot on his plate right now but I think there’s room left for some extra-special cookies! Thank you very much and have a blessed day!

  • Danielle Dean says:

    My friend Amy is one a huge sugar addict as you can see by her latest blog post. ( And two is recently the new mother of sweet baby girl with limb deformities. She also has one older daughter. She is a wonderful mother and while things may look happy and go lucky sometimes, I know that the doctor’s appointments and struggles that come with having a special needs child are hard. Your personalized sugar cookies would be just the thing to get her through another day. Thanks so much for making a difference.
    Check out her awesome blog where she documents their life.

  • Christipher Perez says:

    This is great idea! One of my best friend’s, Diana, is getting married in May and she is completely stressed out. Not only does she have the stress of a wedding, but her and her soon to be husband will be moving to a new city, who knows where, for his residency in Med school; so she has to wait to see where he will be accepted and then take that states pharmacy exam and then get a job. I think some cookies would be the perfect perscription for her! Please help aliviate a stressed out bride!

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