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Thank you everyone who prayed for myself and Parker this weekend.  Your comments and thoughts and prayers were SO apprecaited!

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It has been a LONG weekend!  Full of lots of activities and lots of,"mommy, mommy mommy!" and "NOOOOOOOOOOO!  Its MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!" and taking pictures and praising Jesus.

Where do I begin.

Ah yes.  Parker.  I think he is finally starting to get back to his ‘regular’ old self today.  Yesterday it was like he drank a Red bull or something.  And his eyes were dilated all day.  He took a small nap in the afternoon, but didn’t go to sleep until 9:30 last night.  Weird for him.  And when he finally laid down, he was just out.  I have learned my lesson about keeping ‘child proof’ medicines out and will be extremely vigilant about this never happening again!  I am so grateful to the Lord for His healing and grace.  He sure took pity on me!

I had Hannah all weekend-Friday afternoon through Sunday at 10:00.  It was nice having Coltons buddy around to play with, and Parker just adores Hannah too… and to be really honest with you, Hannah is one of my most favorite people in the world to photograph.  Shes got these eyes.  And these expressions.  And this adorable little smile that just melts my big old jaded heart.  And, shes a girl.  Girls are…well… girly.  Ok, so I need a thesaurus.


Chad had the church Sportsman Show on Saturday.  He helped out on Friday night and then was there for all but 3 hours on Saturday.  I went and visited him and took some pictures and went and played on the church playground.  The kids loved that of course, and I loved the great pictures I got out of it!

The Sports Show was a big success… guess what.  They had about 300 people registered, and over 250 actually attended.  Well, out of that 250, TWENTY SEVEN (27) people asked Jesus into their hearts!!!  I was blown away when I heard that.  27 people saved and now getting to spend eternity in Heaven with their glorious Father!  What a miracle. 



Church this morning was ABSOLUTELY amazing.  Our associate pastor spoke about 1 Corinthians 2-21. (I think it was 21… maybe 12?  Yikes… better go get my Bible)

And his words were moving and nice, but then he sang a song that was accompanied by a video.  It was going through all the instances in the Bible that refer to ‘Jesus’ and ‘amazed’.  You were shown Jesus as a young man, talking with His disciples, walking with crowds of people, carrying little children and laughing, healing people, casting out demons, saving others with his words… He was just being himself. Loving.  Showing grace and mercy.  Teaching about the Word.  Mentoring His disciples.

And then, in the natural progression, they began to show Jesus being taunted and ridiculed.  Tortured and beaten and spit on and laughed at.  Whipped.  Bleeding.  Being hung on the cross.

I tell you what…  I just about couldn’t take it.  My heart was crying out, "But its not fair!"  "He loves you!"  "He was so kind to you, He saved you and healed you!"

Tears started rolling down my face and I silently prayed.  It was so unbelievably humbling.

(FYI, I have never seen the Passion of the Christ, and am kinda scared too…)


So I prayed and asked for this feeling, this overwhelming indescribable feeling, to stay with me.  To be with me as I was shopping and as I was mowing the yard and as I was spending time with family and friends.  It that sincerely humbling moment, I realized that every stress I have is SO insignificant. 

I am feeling complete inadequacy at truly explaining the power and persuasion of that moment.

Well, now its picture time.

This shows some of the mounts and the information being displayed.

Dear Hubby and Colton and Parker posing in front of Chad’s Elk.  It was one of the largest mounts at the Show.  And yes, this normally hangs in my home.  In the entry.  Right when you walk in.  Ah, the trials of a hunters wife.

Heres fearless Parker trying to make friends with a bear.

I wasn’t kidding about that fearless thing.  "nice ravenous wolf, goooood boy."

The only way I ever get face shots of Colton is to assume the humiliating position-crawling on elbows and knees in stealth like silence so as not to disturb him.. or, Heaven forbid, startle him into turning away.

Parker does this thing where he will grab my pointer finger and I will lift him up and he will just hang there… he loves it! So I assumed he’d be a natural for these yellow hanging things.

Um, can we say adorable?  Those eyes are all hers.  I haven’t tweaked the colors or intensity or anything.

Parkers first solo swing ride!

Have you ever seen three children less enthusiastic about smiling and posing for that great shot that mommy just had to have?

And theres that smile back.

I adore this shot. 

I think I better go and watch some brain numbing television.  Why?  Because I am tired.  I have been very busy this last 48 hours.  Don’t judge me.  Ok, judge me.  I can take it.;)

God bless-


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  1. Amanda; that did seem like a great church service! what an experience you were describing! so glad Parker is feeling better today; my husband was never a hunter when we lived in Montana, but I had a dear friend whose husband/son was/were. She struggled so much with it but he/son, like I’m sure your husband is, were responsible hunters, only shot what they would eat or donated the meat to the food banks, etc.
    pictures were great

  2. Sounds like you have been super busy! So glad that all is well with you! 🙂 Hope you got some good rest last night!
    Great Pics! Love seeing them….those boys sure need a little sister to spoil! 🙂

  3. I too loved the video. At our old church we bought out a couple shows for the Passion and my husband and I went. I did end up hyperventilating during the film. It was hard. I too had tears rolling down my face yesterday at church. What good stuff, although hard, it’s good. It made me just want a hug from Jesus. Do you ever get that feeling. You just want a great big “Daddy” type of hug. Someday, hunh? Someday. So happy I get to know you Amanda.

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