Sometimes I feel like I was blessed with three wonderful and inquisitive and insightful children.

Other times I wonder if their disobedient behavior is a direct correlation to the dreadful way I behaved as a child.

Either way, there are good days and bad days.

Its a good thing that despite their behavior, they are loved and treasured every day.



The Good and the Bad of Parenting

Good: Your children have finally grasped the concept of picking up after themselves and being tidy.

Bad: They demonstrate this talent by trying to clean up the parking lot at Walmart… (i.e. used napkins, old gum, socks…)


Good: The kids are able to play independently on the computer and are really learning from great sites like Starfall and PBS kids.

Bad: They are curious by nature, and seem to be drawn to that delete button right by your in-box.


Good: Manners and Etiquette are starting to really sink in!

Bad: Your child now burps and farts everywhere you go just so he can proudly proclaim, “Excuse Me!”


Good: The kids want to help with laundry.

Bad: They start by taking every piece of clothing and folding it into a undistinguishable blob then get bored after seven minutes and leave you to re-do everything.


Good: You finally hit a stride in parenting where everyone has a general idea of what is expected of them, and you are able to co-exist peacefully.

Bad: You leave the house.

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Reader Comments

  1. Confession…
    I have an uncanny ability to belch very.loudly.
    And I used to be quite proud of it. (Still am. Just on more of a private level.. LOL!)
    When I was in college I was a camp counselor and made my site director laugh because I would belch loudly, and then in a tiny little voice say, “Excuse me!”
    It isn’t only your kids. *sheepish grin*

  2. James MacDonald (You know, one of our favorite preachers), said just last week that another way to say Amen in today’s language is End of Story.
    So let me just say it!
    End of Story, sister!
    You captured it perfectly!

  3. Kids are the same everywhere evidentally!!!
    Your new computer looks awesome, and your trip sounds wonderful…minus being homesick and morning sick :o) Just catching up…finding time to blog/read blogs harder than ever. Does life ever slpw down!

  4. There are so many good and bad habits of kids. Some kids are calm and some are aggressive. Some kids play independently and some kids need someone who play with them. So kids always be mischievous and innocent.

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