Daddys Home!  We were blessed to see Daddy walk in the door around 10:00 last night!  Unfortunately, no elk this trip, but many close encounters and lots of experience.  I might get to watch the video today!

This week has been AWFUL!  I have stayed away from computer as I was feeling so ucky that I dared not write anything for fear it would turn out like something Icky McYuckerson wrote. (He is a terrible writer by the way.)

Colton got sick Monday and it all went downhill from there.  I got so sick my stomach was in a 36 hour cramp mode… not a good addition for a very active and feisty baby.  I can not even really describe how uncomfortable I was for a good 2 days.  And to take care of sick kids on top of it? 

Useless.  I was that is.

Lets see….what could possibly go wrong while a sole care provider is trying to care for sick children and not get sick herself?

1. I took kids to Doctor.  As we pull into parking lot and I get Colton out of car seat, Parker proceeds to vomit everywhere in the back of my car and over the car seat and himself and me.  I mean everywhere.  We get into Doctor where I give him my detailed list of symptoms over last 48 hours including very recent puke incident, and he looks at kids and says, "They have a bug.  Have a good day!"


2. Dogs poop all over kennel.  Stinks really bad.  Am forced to clean it up before swarms of flies descend on household.

3. SEVERE tthunderstorm strikes.  Lose power.  It is 10:30PM.  I look outside and the world is black.  I am suddenly very fearful of…something.  Not sure what.  As if electricity could have saved me from 'something' anyway.  Finally fall asleep with 2 liter bottle of Diet Mt. Dew (large blunt object)and a candle and matches.  Ok.  Maybe I didn't have any Mt. Dew….or matches.  I was not very prepared.

4. Mother-in-Law comes to spend night to care for children as I lay on bed in fetal position and mentally describe my symptoms to self so that when I finally am able to drive self to emergency room I am coherent enough to tell them why I am there.  She is there for approximately 19 hours total.  Was wonderful mental relief.  I never made it to ER. 

As she was leaving the kids seem fine.  No fevers.  Even are eating little amounts of food.  MIL has to go home.  About 7.9 seconds after she leaves Coltons fever returns, Parker develops a serious case of the whineys and my cramping stomach gets a death blow nudge from baby.  Chaos resumes.  I am defeated.

Finally manage to bathe children and get them into bed and myself into bed when I get 'the' call.

Him: "Hi honey.  How is everything?"

Me: "Who is this?"

Him: "Uh, your husband."

(Keep in mind that when hubby leaves there is no contact of any kind for 99% of trip as he is in the most desolate areas of wilderness hunting for wild game.)

Me: Start sobbing. 


Me: Can't stop crying as stomach hurts so bad and am so relieved to hear his voice and know he is on his way home.  I will be seeing him in less then 24 hours from this point.

Him: "Honey?  You ok?"

Me:  Still crying.  Feel as if I have been being tortured (slight exaggeration on my part) for last 7 days without him and am to overwhelmed to speak.

Him: (to himself mostly) "Maybe I got the wrong number."

OK.  So I was slightly more able to produce words, but thats how I felt at the time.

Its been a long 8 days of infectious cranky solitude.  I would like to say thank you to my MIL for the momentary relief.  And to Charmin as I have cried lots and was too cheap to buy actual Kleenex.

HE"S HOME!!!!  Praise JESUS!

Many blessings to you and yours!

(Will try to make blog rounds later today as I have missed you all so much!)


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Reader Comments

  1. Oh goodness! I so sympathize with you. Sometimes I’m a wreck after being alone with NON-sick kids for ONE day while hugely pregnant. I’m glad your husband is back home to help and support.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. As far as the waddling goes, at 37 weeks, I can’t help but waddle. We were at the mall tonight and I felt like a freak because it seemed as though everyone was staring at me. Maybe I should just stay home until Baby arrives. 🙂

  2. SO sorry to hear…wish I was closer so I could help—although to be honest I don’t think I want that bug! 🙂
    Hope life is calmer now that hubby is home and you are all starting to feel better.
    God Bless

  3. Awwww….what an awful week. I hope you are feeling better now! You are much braver than me…if I had been left alone in the dark like that…I would have gone to a hotel. I am really scared of the dark.
    I didn’t know he was elk hunting…that is cool…hopefully he will have better luck next year!!
    Take care!

  4. I’m sorry you had such a tough week. One of those things happening without hubby around would have been bad enough but to have all that at one time, man!
    I hope this week is better!

  5. Oh my goodness!! I am so sorry you had such a tough week! Wow. I would have reacted the same way you did when he called. Seriously. I am so glad he’s home so you can get the rest and relaxation your body needs!!!

  6. I so do sympathize with you. Although I am not pregnant, my husband in gone the next 5 out of 7 weeks due to hunting adventures. So its just me and the kids on our own. Mine our bigger now and a little easier but I so do remember the times when they were little and one would get sick and I would try so hard not to resent my hubby for being off and enjoying his time away while I was home tending to whining, crabby, sick children. I just did alot of praying during that time and I was certain that my husband was thinking of me the entire time. If you need anything remember I am just down the road and would love to help. Take care and I love the humor you but in all your blogging. Its nice to have a sense of humor when things are not always going as planned.

  7. Yep. You get to a point and wonder, can anything else go wrong???
    Sorry you had to go through it, but PRAISE JESUS your hubby is home now!!!

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