I was awoken by a stuffled cry.

In my sleepy haze I strained to hear… and eventaully heard it again.

Tears.  Agonizing tears.

I got up and went to my son.  He was sobbing quietly in his pillow, clutching his leg.

“My leg mom, it hurts.”

Wrapping my arms around him and holding on as tightly as I could, I felt my own tears forming, because I didn’t know what else I could do.


I remember growing pains when I was young.  I remember how painful they were and how confused I was.

My parents would tell me, “Your growing!”  And I would just shake my head.  What does that mean?

Colton has cried in my arms a couple times now.  And I am at a loss.

Can you help?

What do you do?  Would you give your child something for the pain?  How do you explain what a growing pain is?


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  1. Good blog.. I got the good information in this The biggest difference for us though, was to prevent them with the magnesium supplement. I can totally empathize with you. My oldest son has them, and when he does, they often hit him in the middle of the night.thanks for the blog..keep it up..

  2. I’m old so my doctor told my mom it was just growing pains and nothing could be done but maybe a baby aspirin. Funny neither of my sisters had them and they were both tall. I was the shorty.
    When my nephew started getting them, my sister and I took him to the Dr and he suggested calcium. It actually lessened the severity within a few days. Of course now we know you need to keep a balance between calcium and magnesium so I agree with other posters on that.
    Since magnesium is a “brain” mineral it’s important that everyone maintain proper levels, just as calcium is for healthy bones. Might I suggest adding a bit of yogurt for more calcium and beans, nuts and/or green veggies to your menu to help for all the family.

  3. My son gets them. But, we have found that it’s not the “bone” that hurts so much as his muscles. Since he has Asperger’s he’s especially sensitive to pain. When it’s really bad we do pain killer, a bath, and then stretch his muscles and massage his legs. (usually it hits in his calves)
    I’m not so sure if it’s actually “growing pains” as muscle cramps…or muscles stretching.

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