So I went into my *hubby's bathroom this morning.

*When I say hubby's I mean the 'downstairs' bathroom the he just happens to keep all his very manly toiletries in.

I have been using the sauna that's in there about five times a day the last three days, as I seemed to have developed a head cold that rendered me completely unable to smell or breathe.  Well.  Sometimes I can breathe.  But its been tough.

Today I needed to grab an extra towel so I opened up his cupboard.

And found this.


What is that?

Bottles upon bottles upon bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel.  Not to mention soap.  Body and facial you know.



I was shocked at first, as my dear hubby is a devoted minimalist.  I mean, he has three drawers in his bathroom that have remained empty since we built our house in 2001. 



In a bathroom.

For 9 years.

But anyway, I saw there staring at the *thousands of bottles he had accumulated through his work travels, and was thinking to myself, why on earth?

*I might be exaggerating.  Its my first time though.  Really.

And then it dawned on me.

We, like so many, have had to make some cutbacks in our budget this year.  And with me doing 90% of the household spending,  most of the cutbacks and new budget restrictions have had an immediate and overwhelming impact on me.  Its been hard.

Totally unable to remove my eyes from the site before me, it dawned on me that  this my was dear husbands way of trying to help out. 

That he hadn't asked me to buy him soap or shampoo for a long time now.

This small gesture… this tiniest of efforts, meant the world to me today.

It sorta gave me me a renewed sense of hope that we are in this together and through God, can do anything we need to.

So thank you, sweet husband of mine, for all the little things you do.

I just hope he doesn't mind that I put them away a little differently. 😉


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Reader Comments

  1. Ohhhh, I hope your husband isn’t all anal about his organization or you’re in trouble!
    That’s cool though. I understand pinching pennies and that would a an easy way to do it.

  2. that’s awesome! way to take a minute and think about your husband and love him even more! i LOVE it when that happens. Oh, no! i gotta go. i hear disaster happening in the girls’ room! AAAHHHH! That was a thunk! and another. i gotta! i’ll see ya! ahhhh, another!

  3. Bless his heart. I love that he did this and that you bragged about him today 🙂 Way to lift up and honour your husband!

  4. Awww this is a very sweet post. I completely understand, it IS the little things that our husbands do that mean a whole lot.
    Man oh man do we understand a tight budget. But God always is faithful.
    Such a sweet husband you have.
    God Bless you and Your family!

  5. He’s a great hubby….he actually lines them up like that or did you perhaps put those pictures in the wrong order?
    Either way which ever I love it!
    God’s blessings to you and your family.

  6. So sweet. Doesn’t it mean so much more that he did it without mentioning it, too? You know, just did because it would help out, not because he wanted the praise?

  7. Ha, that’s so cool! What a sweet hubby.
    By the way, awesome pics! You are so creative. I like the different angles and then at the end, all mixed up. Seriously, you have a talent! You’re gonna rock at your class! Or did u go already, I can’t remember?

  8. What a sweetie! It’s amazing how just how far one of those little bottles will go!
    How cute of your hubs!! And GREAT photography too! 😉

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