My struggle today lies in my trust in God.  This is not something I admit casually, for it is with great trepidation I share these feelings. 

But I have dealt with an issue for almost a year now, and am still ‘waiting’ on God. 

Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for an answer to their prayer.  Twenty Five Years.  I know I may wait forever and never know how the Lord handled it.  And right now, I am stuck in "But thats not fair!" 

I know the Lord is responsible for my reputation.  I know the Lord will punish those who choose sin and evil over good.

But what hurts most right now is when fellow Christians act in a way that is un-Christian.

Hum.  Can’t say to much more about that. 

On a lighter note, it is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Minnesota.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the kids are tired from playing outside for the afternoon, and I am able to still see Gods amazing grace and beauty in the midst of my confusion and unease.

We have a big weekend planned.  Cousin’s Gift #1 (the cutie patootie I babysit on the weekend) will be with us from Friday until Sunday.  My parents are coming up Saturday and we are meeting at my moms cousin’s house for a light lunch and some general play time until we can go and check in to the hotel.  My folks got a room at a hotel with a big water park!  And they were even lucky enough to be able to bring my niece, whom I see really rarely, so it will be a full house of happy, soaking wet kids!!! (and hopefully very tired and sleepy kids once 8:00 rolls around!  Mommy needs a LONG nights sleep!)

Then Sunday we have church and then maybe over to MIL’s.  The invitation was extended awhile ago so I am not sure if it is still valid.  LOL

I am exhausted, but starting to feel better.  I throw up a lot more now, but the nausea has decreased some and I am able to find joy in my day.  Thank you Jesus.

I still get pretty sick when I try to edit pictures, so I haven’t been able to share many as of yet, but there are some cute ones waiting for their public debut.  You won’t be disappointed.



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Reader Comments

  1. Just to let you know, you’re in my thoughts and prayers more then ever now!! I hope you will find peace and solace in what you are dealing with.
    You know how much I love you!!! Hope you start feeling even better soon.

  2. I am so glad you are blogging again! That means you must be feeling a bit better. That is an answer to prayer. Take it easy this weekend; don’t wear yourself out!

  3. I waited on the Lord for several years for several things and what I learned through it all was that his timing was always so perfect; not too early; not too late, but always at the right time. A lot of psalms write about how good it is to wait upon the Lord; as hard as it might be.
    I think all of us who are Christ followers have a bit of Un-Christian in us; I think it helps keep us humble to remember where we came from but how far more we have to go and we won’t be perfect until we get to heaven 🙂
    your weekend sounds fun, enjoy it 🙂

  4. It was so good to see you, if not chat with you, on Thursday.
    Happy to hear you have a fun weekend coming up, don’t wear yourself out. If you can help it. 🙂
    Sorry that people aren’t always the nicest. I’m sorry that anyone hurt you, I like ya. For what it’s worth.

  5. Glad your doing better! The thing I tell my kids when they’re feeling that “it’s not fair feeling” (which by the way we all get from time to time) is this: “Be glad life is NOT fair. If it were, the Father would not have sent the Son to suffer and die for OUR sins. WE would have had to do it ourselves and be eternally separated from God.” It really helps put this feeling into perspective for us, especially ME ;). How blessed we are that life isn’t fair! I’m so happy to have a God that cares so much for me that He is just and merciful!

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