HUGE Giveaway (Like $500 Huge)

filed under: Miscellaneous on November 8, 2010

So when it rains it pours around here!

I am so, so excited to tell you about this super easy giveaway on my brand spanking new review blog!  (Same thing as this but different.  Well, you'll see.)

You have the opportunity to win $500.  That is right, I said $500.  

Who couldnt use a little extra cash this time of year?  

Let me re-phrase that, I always need a little extra cash this time of year.  When I see the big beautiful toys that my kids have been drooling over and the gorgeous little trinkets that hubby would love for hunting and the shiney red kitchen aid mixer… uh, that one might before me.  

Just click HERE to see how easy it is to win!

Here is a hint!


Its stuffing baby!  I totally made that.

And I totally want to show you how easy it is for you to make it too!

(You do NOT have to be able to make stuffing to win.  You only need to be able to type.  Your name.  And maybe you would need to know your email address. Just sayin.)

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