I will NEVER pass up an opportunity to get some help from photo editing experts!

If you would like some help too just stop by i heart faces today and enter your picture!

Here is the original:

ISO 1600




And here is how I edited it.


Just boosting stuff using adjustments, brightness, contrast, curves.


PW's colorized tweaked a bit..



I feel like this pic has such potential… should I crop it down to a head shot?  Should I exaggerate her face with highlights… should the color get a bigger boost??

How do I make this picture look good????  And which edit of minie comes closest….????

Thanks SO much!

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Reader Comments

  1. What an HONOR to be giving feedback on YOUR photo!
    I am a new contributer with iHeartfaces and I have to say….WOW! Very nice. There’s not much I could possibly do to improve this photo. I may have burned the edges a bit to bring emphasis to the subject, but that’s just preference. I’m a fan of burned edges. LOL
    OK, let me start with the first edit: first of all, the crop is exactly how I would have done it, not centered. And if you cropped it in closer to do just a face shot, it would be a serious sin, I mean…look at those BOOTS! Ya gotta have the boots… If you wanted a face shot, I’d take a closer shot, not crop in from a full length shot, you lose picture quality that way. I just seriously am in LOVE with the lighting in the photo, almost like it’s this little secret spot that she found to play in, the dark surrounding her with the sunlight behind her, just adds DRAMA to the photo! WOW!
    The 2nd edit, I’m not a fan of all the yellow. I know that’s PW’s action, but I’m not a big fan of it. Looks like there’s color issues with the picture. LOL
    The 3rd edit, I like, I like black and white with a touch of sepia. MY preference, emphasis on MY, I would bump the levels and contrast to make a more dramatic statement. But, I prefer my B&Ws to be very contrasted. That’s preference.
    I do prefer the photo in the 1st edit, personally. I love the picture. Seriously, I could see this photo in advertising for Gymboree (IheartGymboree) or Old Navy. It’s GOOD. It’s seriously good. Blow that bad boy up and frame it and slap it on the wall in the living room.
    And THANK YOU for letting me give feedback on your photo! You have serious skills, dude! 😀

  2. AH HA! Someone else agrees with me that you DO know how to use light well. Love this picture. My fav’s are the 2nd and 4th in the series. I love the warm tones of the first edit. I love the way you did the sepia. I love that you didn’t go too dark and lose the details.
    You could crop it down, but I wouldn’t. I love the way the elements (rock, grass, branches) play off each other and add depth to the picture. Those extra’s tell a story that would be missing. I think cropped it could still be a good portrait, just not as great of an overall photograph.
    That’s my long winded opinion. You know I’m full of ’em. 🙂

  3. I LOVE your second edit – looks like an add for mini Boden or Cath Kitson.
    Thanks for your suggestions for my photo. Hope you can understand the instructions about adding screen and soft light levels and adjusting their opacity! Let me know.

  4. wonderful photo!!! i think you did a great job editing!!! i like the first edit the best.

  5. first i liked the brightness and sharpness of the first edit but then i think i really like the second one…i like how she’s a big washed out…kind of makes the picture seem old school. not sure if you can do this but how about the black and white then colorize something for accent? like tint something pink? i have adobe elements and have yet to learn how to use it. i want instant gratification and success…my first hour of playing with that program left me feeling frustrated and enjoying my ORIGINAL phots, just fine, thank you!

  6. i just scrolled through your posts for the past several months because google reader said i had some still unread. gosh, i sure enjoy your blog! oh, and i found those cute hello kitty boots in another post you wrote a bit back! how’s that for paying attention? i think how you have started posting your pics so large is a great idea. and now that i finally read that you are TAKING PHOTOGRAPHY classes, well, i’m not so jealous cause i was thinking this photographic beauty was all coming just too naturally for you. oh, i just thought of something random. i just adore the dramatic faces babies make when they cry. do you have any of those you could post? i’m not heartless, i just think it’s hilarious how melodramatic babies are.

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