I really enjoy my hobbies and one of them is blogging. Why?  I believe it improves my relationship with my children and it also improves who I am as a person.  Now that's a good hobby! 

How does sitting at your computer for hours improve your relationship with your kids?  It’s all about timing.  I usually do my blogging during nap time (theirs of course) and during Dora the Explorer and at night when hubby is hanging out with the kids so that it doesn't take away quality time with my little munchkins.

But its not the simple act of blogging that improves the child to mother relationship; it is what I get from it.

I have a 'real life' blog; on a daily basis, I talk about what occurs in my home.  I post pictures of my kids and share frustrations and joys.  What I enjoy so much is the feedback.  Once I posted how difficult potty training is in our house. The response from fellow mommies sharing what did and did not work was priceless!! 

 There is no greater guide than a mother who has been there, done that!

Blogging opened up my eyes to different parenting styles.  I read about moms who home school, work from home, work full time and what they do on a day to day basis.  I learn about their trials and tribulations and from the mistakes they make.  I see this as a solidifying and uniting act of mommy hood. 

One of the best 'side effects' from hosting a public blog is that I have to express myself.  (There isn't a huge need for that when you are at home with kids under 3 years of age)

I have to actively seek God's grace and His patience. I have to edit my thoughts and more clearly define my opinions.  Anything that allows you to become better acquainted with you is a good thing!  

I have always been very vocal about what I believe; having to put my thoughts into words that other people will want to read is a different matter. My thoughts become more composed as my words do. It is like” Blogging is to my brain is what spell check is to Microsoft Word.” 

My blog world provides the mentorship I need.  Not only do other women often hold me to the 'Proverb 31' standards but I am also accountable to God in all that I write and display. 

And this next part blew my socks off… having a public blog has made me a better Christian.  Now that everyone is fully aware of my belief and my love for Jesus Christ, I am answerable.  When you know what I stand for, I had better be practicing and living what I preach.


I am exposed to so many people and their beliefs, from the folks who have a fire lit under their hearts for service to Christ, to the self proclaimed 'casual' Christian and the non believer who enjoys the occasional mommy blog.  I have seen evil at work through the written word and I have seen the Lord administer miracles.  And all of these are shaping the kind of Christian that I am. I have read about the kind of wife, mother, sister, and daughter that I want to be, and how these wonderful women have implemented the Bible into what they do and who they are.  

Another wonderful 'side effect' from blogging is sharing images of my children with family and friends.  They see pictures of the kids and read about daily experiences.  This is such a valuable form of communication to me, and I'm sure to them as well.  

Could you say the same things about the Internet in general?  You could; for me blogging is more personal and requires far more creativity from me!  When blogging, I use my brain! 

As a stay at home mom, I look for healthy and educational ways to entertain my children.  In my desire to connect with mothers I have come across wonderful and entertaining ideas! I also learn about preparing healthy meals, what doctors are the best in my area, what play areas are the cleanest and offer the most amenities, and (generally speaking) what a toddler likes to do!  I can't even tell you how many toys I purchased that said 3+ when my baby was 18 months old. 

 *Smack head here*

As a naïve new mom, I assumed my child would love it and be brilliant!  Instead, my child was sitting there staring at me like I had just asked him to recite the Constitution.  Now, I know, an old sock can go a long way in entertaining a baby!

Through blogging I get great feedback on what I am doing, I see and read what other moms are doing and 9 times out of 10, I learn something new everyday.

I am grateful that blogging has kept me in touch and informed.  I recommend it highly for everyone!

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  1. Alright already! I keep having this arguement with God. I don’t want to blog, I don’t have time, people don’t want to hear about my “day to day” boring stuff, I’m not sure I want MY life out THERE, ya know where everyone can see ME,I’m not sure I know HOW….Now He’s just getting quite pushy, don’t ya think, using people to prick me with what He keeps telling me to do. Now, Amanda, why couldn’t you be stubborn with me on this one? LOL! BOY,OH BOY!!! am I full of excuses. I feel an awful lot like Moses just about now! OK,God You win, You always win, I repent of my stubborness. I wonder where my kids get it from ;)? I’ve REALLY got to work on that. Next thing to add to my list for free time… Figure out HOW to MAKE a blog and DO IT!
    Love in Christ,

  2. I love blogging, too. Didn’t realize how adddicting it could be, but it is so much fun to share what I am learning and get advice, too. The feedback is wonderful.

  3. I love my blog/journal. For myself, it was a way to make friends since I am extremely shy in my real life. I have met such wonderful people through this. With different lives, values, beliefs, etc. from mine. And I learn so much from each and every one of them.
    An added bonus is looking back at my archives now and then and seeing how my children have grown and changed through the years.
    I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to getting to know more about you and your beautiful family.

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